Tuesday, August 3, 2010

+Freaky Power Team Unite+


Another update post from the Buddy HQ.

Sorry that I'm so into posting pictures and stuff about My newest character creation Eligos, but I'm just stoked on the whole concept and the model has turned out quite well in my opinion (obviously room for improvement but that's always the case).

First an update on this:

I've decided to use this piece of terrain from the Honoured Imperium set as a display base for Eligos and his Squad of Freaks, I have magnetized the underside of the Aquila so their bases all stick nicely in place. I went with a reddish colour hopefully to bring out the Subtle greens in Eligos' Armour and the other touches of green throughout the squad. I'm also going to paint some of the rocks on the different squad member's bases to visually tie them into the Aquila.

Here is the Freaks in all their glory, or at least some of their WIP glory.

And one final shot of Eligos with a little close-up of the scipt on his left greave. These pics look low quality for some reason, but hopefully soon I can figure
out the best method for photographing the models.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

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