Wednesday, August 4, 2010

+Renegade Guard Platoon: WIP+

Hello Tuberz,

Back to share another quick hobby update, I've had these guys sitting around for awhile and thought I'd throw some pics up for all to see. This is squad one of my first renegade guard platoon. No pics of the sergeant turned out so I think I will make a post just highlighting the different sergeants maybe in the next few days. For closer shots of the Heavy weapons team you can look here.

The theme of this squad is that they are ranking up and flashing their flashlights in the general direction of the enemy. So about half of them are kneeling and the other half are firing while standing. I think it gives my army a nice feel to have each squad doing 'something' as a cohesive whole.

And lastly this ^ Meltagun guy actually got recruited into the Squad of Freaks not only because he has a melta but to try and tie the command squad into the army a bit more. Since each member of the command squad looks very different then each other and evveryone else. Which I was going for bit I still wantt to maintain a unified appearance throughout the force while emphasizing the individual freaky-ness of each faction of the army.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

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