Tuesday, March 30, 2010

++Flame On!++

Yo everybody,

More model show and tell today, still in a building mindset, but am going to switch into painting mode once I get the rest of the second squad assembled.

But for today I wanted share a couple more members of my first command squad:

the flamers!



Heavy Flamer
(sorry he's painted black)



I used the flames from the torches in the flaggelants box set, I'm gonna be using these flames on all my flamer type units including my converted Hell-hounds as well.

The heads are also from the Flaggelants set as well, the one is rocking the little respirator from the Command Squad set, I just think the freakish bald heads with the respirators just looks rugged and it hides the fact that I'm really only using the same 5-6 heads for many of the models in the army.

Here's a couple of oldschool Necromunda models I've had laying around since they came out, ignore the paint that's from when I was like 15 back in the nineties and they will be getting repainted to match the dark theme I'm going for in this army, not the Gawd-Awful bright color schemes from back then....


These are going to be the Body Guards of my leader, There child soldiers "recruited" from a local city orphanage before the Hashshashian 113th began their march of conquest across the sector.

Finally another Necromunda model with a head-swap who will be the Chaos Priest that accompanies the unit. I want this unit to have a kinda of Inquisitor type feel. Ya'know there's like a dude with a bunch of different freakish characters all cruising together ready to jump out and open a can on somebody.


Well I hoped everyone enjoyed having some Buddy Time and hope to see you back next Buddy Time.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Jerry Cans, Oh MY!

Hello everybody,
Hope everyones well, so earlier today I was cruising a local DIY hobby-shop and spotted this sweet little box of Jerry cans and fuel barrels from Tamiya in the model tank/car section. After seeing how great these are I'm going to go back and buy a set of sand bag emplacements they had there as well.

At 1/35 this models aren't completely the right scale for 4ok, and I've bought other sprues at 1/35 of pouches and bags, and they work but are a little off so only work in certain setting. Now these fuel cans don't have that issue at all these things are almost identical size to the GW battlefield accessories set (I'll get scale shots soon).


for around $5.00 this little box has three fresh cans and three dented cans on one sprue and another sprue with 18 fuel cans, 9 German, 9 Us style.


If you're like me and enjoy putting bling onto your vehicles this little box makes a nice addition for any Imperium or orky vehicles, so just wanted to let you guys know these Tamiya kits do integrate pretty well for certain elements into 4ok kits.

Here is a sneak of the next post, finally got the camera back up and running, so here's another member of the command squad


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Hashshashian 113th

Well I'm back after a short break, this last week has been crazy and the camera battery has seemed to have gone awol on me so I'm stuck posting a few pics I took right before.

Again this is the leader of my traitor guard army and will likely play as a Straken 'counts as.' He and his crew will be flying the friendly skies in the Valkyrie you've seen in pictures previously,

I've made some more progress on the Valk and also this guy and his command squad but you'll have to wait for the camera battery to return, oh well, so sorry.

Here's some pics:





Next post I'll go back to the Valkyrie and breakdown the colors on the interior and hopfully post up some fresh pics of what I've gotten done since the camera fiasco, till next time...

Monday, March 15, 2010

++++++++++++++++++ Flight of the Valkerie +++++++++++++++

Yo, hope everyone is well,

Today I got some crummy pics
of the exterior of the Valkerie nice and mostly assembled



Couple also not too great photos of the cockpit,
I used Empire Flagellant Heads and torsoes for the pilots.
The Empire Flagellant box set is a crucial component of
my Cultist/ Traitor Guard's look.



As far as the theme is concerned, well
I am actually a little foggy on it
but as I make the models I think it will come together.

Basically something along the lines of
on an Imperial backwater forge world
which is near some type of warp rift/vortex

Obviously, that proximity has slowly
'tainted the guardsmen stationed there
and also I think a TechPriest is involved,
mainly because I just got the FW Titan TechPriest
and I want to slightly convert him towards Chaos,

Like the rest of the force I just want them all to be slightly off
just a little closer towards the 'taint
not full bore mutants or anything... yet.

...oh and also dinosaurs, I want dinosaurs
Used like beasts of burden, probably pulling
the ordinance batteries behind them

But not sure on the rough riders though,
not sure whether or not they're worth the points?

Anyway Here's a peak at my Company Commander,
to give you a bit more of an idea were I'm heading.


^^^possibly a Straken 'counts as'^^^

-more better pics in the next couple of days


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello everyone,

So gotten some more progress on the interior of the Valk done, and also got most of the exterior done as well, now I just need to figure how to get the weapons to be interchangeable between the Valk options and the Vendetta, I've got some ideas with magnets but we'll have to see what happens in reality not just my baseless speculation.

buddy times

So I weathered up the interior a painted up all the little buttons switched and lights on the walls, etc.
buddy times

buddy times

buddy times

Worked on the floor a bit as well, I will likely put some weathering powders inside as well, but I noticed you can assemble the entire model and never glue the roof on so I am dong that. This allows me to use door gunners or not, as well as ease of seeing the interior as well.

(I ended up taking that salt off the ramp, I can always do tha effect later, I just didn't wasnt to have to deal the spray gun yet, so maybe later)


Finally I also started working on one of my Command squads but I'll post pics of them next time.

Until then,

Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello and welcome to the Buddy Times!

So welcome all,
This is the second attempt at launching my blog here. I'm hoping to have some of my other Buddys also post on here to keep it fresh and get some variety.

To start off with I'm the Hashshashin, and I'll likely do the Lion's share of the blogging.

I'm currently about to start a traitor (not Bloodpact) guard army, so that's what many of these first post will be about as well, although I do have some other projects on the side and back burners, so hopefully I can show guys some of this stuff too.

So to start off I'll just throw up some pics of a Valkyrie I'm working on.


Painting interior so I can finish gluing together exterior.



I'm going to try to do a little salt mask on this area and spray some hazard stripes over, interested to see what the effect comes off as.

Till next time, Cheers

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