Wednesday, May 26, 2010

98% Complete...Just need to pick a name!

Yo Interwebzzzz,

Hope alls well, so...three posts in three days! wow I'm actually turning into a blogger :) we'll see if I can keep up this level of volume, as far as posting goes.

I realized the easier it is for me to take pics of my stuff the more I want to post, so hopefully in the next two weeks I can set up a solid photo nook in my man-cave/dungeon.

Well here's the MOSTLY complete True-Scale Fallen, might still work on sword blade and need to write his name onto the leg scrolling he has, but other than that there's nothing that jumps out at me as far asneeding much attention. So first attept at NMM and I'm happy with the Brass/gold color but the steel grey stuff is difficult, so I'm not too happy with the result but you live you learn :)

I replied in thread over at B&C that the pose really was something I worked hard on to give him the casual but totally Bad@$$ at the same time like:
"I guess I'll walk over there and run you through with this big ol' power know, I'm like ten thousand years old, right? Ya' know not everyone can do that right, only supreme Bad@$$3$ can do that...ya' know cruise around and battle for ten millennia"

C&C please, and thanks again!


1 comment:

  1. Oh, Boy this is a lovely piece of work!

    And yes: the pose is just right!


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