Saturday, August 21, 2010

+ I Now Own an Airbrush+

Hello everyone out in the tube-lands,

Today I beacame the happy owner of an airbrush. Needless to say I'm totally stoked on it and am just now re-organizing the man-cave to also function as an airbrush nook.

I purchased the Iawata HP_CS gravity fed guy, just holding it is pretty damn sexy (pardon my boyhood excitement) and I'm really looking forward to joining the ranks of 4oK hobbyists who are currently rocking air. Any way I'll keep everyone posted as developments occur.

On another exciting front John Henry and myself are going to be hosting a live U-Stream Show called "Two Guys Painting" starting tomorrow night at 8pm mountain standard time. It gonna be a split screen of us boith painting while we shoot the breeze about the hobby, and other off topic discussion, hopefully it will be alot of fun and like bringing a painting party into your house. So please join us for that, and I'll post more specific details tomorrow so stay tuned.

Also a quick show and tll here's just a couple of quick objective markers I maade for an upcoming campaign we here at The Buddy Times are going to be playing. I wanted somethin sutably generic and also could be used to represent a stragem from some of the 'campaign styled books like Cities of Death and Planetstrike.

^Everybody loves fossil fuels right?^

^Also you gotta love bullets, and stuff, right?^

Till next time cheers,

PS: Check out "Two Guys Painting" tomorrow @8Pm

Smoke Blood for the Blood God


  1. Congrats on the airbrush. You will now learn the love/hate relationship that comes with it. :-D

  2. Airbrushes rule! It will make your life so much easier when you get the hang of it. It really did improve my painting and I would recommend it for everyone.

  3. Great stuff! I'll look forward to seeing the results of your airbrushing - I'm about to try some myself!

  4. Thanks guys, yeah I gave it a shot yesterday and today and it is AWESOME!

    i'll get some pics up soon.


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