Thursday, August 26, 2010

+Air Brush is happy: make me happy+

Hello everybody,

Had a crazy busy week so far but I have been able to shoehorn in a bit of painting and buddy time so I thought I share my newest work from the dungeon. Air Brush City all the way.

Just working on some techniques and this is a WUP shot I plan on doing asome type of tiger striped camo/di pattern on it which will also have the extreme three shade highlights I think the effect is going to blow my mind.

And here's a sloppy WIP pic of a DA successor I sprayed up and am now brushing in some finer details, so more pics when he nears or is completion.

On the Two Guys Painting front we will return for our second week and do some painting as well as talk hobby, news and maybe I'll talk a bit ore about the airbrush. and just generally have some Buddy Times. So please check us out Sunday at 8pm MST.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God


  1. ha ha, didn't think I'd check did ya. ...Dude I know I showed you some tricks in photoshop but this is insulting. Anyone can take a picture of their tank and then color it with gradients in photoshop, how dumb do you think we are.

  2. absolutely unedited... I think... ;)


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