Wednesday, June 26, 2013

World War Z... More like World War Meh!

Hello Buddys,

It is with heavy heart that I write this review. I know it is a bit belated but I just really needed to digest the semi-mediocre meal that was Bead Pitt's newest film bonanza World War Z. Teh main problem is not this  film is not the film. Ufortunately it is how awesome the book is that plaguesmthe movie. 

Tis movie is a very straightforward A-list star has to save his family from a disaster, ala Independance Day, The Day After Tommorow, Deep Impact, and so on. The main complaint I have is they did not have to sully the awesomesauce that is World War Z with such a slocky and payed out film. It had the tential to be a very witty, clever, exciting, and at times funny socio-political commmentary (exactly what the book is). Instead the film makers went for a large scale disaster flick starring ant like mounds of Zombies (which is totally cool, just not as mentally intriguing as it could have been.

Overall this film is a fun watch and fairlymstraightforward with little to no suspense due to Brad's inherient awesomeness that is somewhat unexplained. The action is great, the super-large-scale-zombie attacks are great in 3-D and the scope is mind-boggling... Unfortunately the sheer scale of the film is only matched by the sheer scale of missed opportunities for what could have been a very different and interesting zombie experience.

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