Saturday, September 25, 2010

+WIP IT! Bombard!

Hello ubestays,

Hope all is well, just wanted to drop some WIP IT! pics of my top secret weapon, the Bombard from Forge World. I gotta say this thing is even cooler then I thought it would be. Although it has been a pain at some points with some pieces being warped and whatnot. but I didn't really expect anything easier so I am overall totally happy with this model.

In the top pic the cannon is literally just rested on top, here's a shot of the interior and below is a shot kinda from the top so you can get the idea of the model.

Also went ahead and bought the Bombard ammo box and shells. The model itself comes with one shell so now I have four and the cool little box. I will be basing this on a 40m and making it into another object token in the same vein as the gas and ammo dumps.

And finally I also have one other little wip here, its the planetary Governor model I've made as an objective in our upcoming campaign (which hopefully will start sooner then later). The model is just one of the IG advisor models based on a 40m to make it objective-token-like. Since in the fluff the Governor gets assassinated I thought it would be cool to put one of those Skull and bones signs from the mines, and booby trap set behind as some foreshadowing.


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Friday, September 24, 2010

+Heads Up! = Forge World is doing it again at GD+

Yo everyonez,

Forge World is got some new hotness to frop at GD UK this year. There's been rumours of a Necron MC and maybe this is it or it could be shodows of things to come still. We'll have to stay tuned.

Experimental rules are here

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Friday, September 17, 2010

+Color Modulation tutorial part 2+

Hello everyone,

Here's the part two video of my color modulation tutorial.
Hope you enjoy.

Also sorry about the Two Guys Painting fiasco, My internet connect was being a pain in the rear so we had to throw in the towel, next time we will hopefully be in a more secure internet hook-up apparently mine is not to be trusted, so oh well sorry and hope to see you next time


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

+Two Guys Painting: Tonight!+

Hello Tubes,

Tonight Two Guys Painting will return at 8pm Mountain Time, it's a show of two guys (+1 tonight) painting and talking smack. So if you want to listen to Off Topic banter and vulgarity come on over for about 90 minutes of painting time.

Also Check out part one of my crap-tastic tutorial on airbrush color modulation and if you like part 2 will be aired tonight on TGP:

So Two Guys Painting is here come check us and bring the painting party to your house!


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

+WIP It! Russ es Gets Tiger Styled+

Hello Interbuzez,

Just a quickie today, got in a bit of Air-Bro time in yesterday and this is the result:

A bit blurry on the pics, sorry about that but I just wanted to give you guys a quick glimpse of how the progress is happening. And in response to Frag Dad's comment on the last post I will try to film a quick Tutorial of how the magic happens with this color modulation technique, not only on the base vcolor but the tiger stripes as well. Hopefully get that videoed and post in the next couple of days.

Then as a quick final note:
Two Guys painting will likely return Tomorrow night around 8pm mountain time, this isn't 100% but I will drop a post to let people know what's up. This next episode (whether its thursday or not) will include the regular two guys painting bantor but will also likely include some pre-prepared video clips for everyone's enjoyment/amusement... so I'll keep the Buddy nation posted on the status.

Thanks for checking out some Buddy Times and see ya next time.


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Monday, September 13, 2010

+WIP it! Leman Russ stage 1+

Hello everybody,

its been awhile since my last post, but I hope everone is well, I've just been super busy with regular life stuff so the hobby is still happening but the hobby of blogging about my hobby has taken a bit of a back-seat.

I'll start off with some show & tell then finish off with some deep thoughts I've been having lately.

So roll out the Russ. Again I'm working with a color modulation technique, this one a little less bright, and I like the darker grey look overall and will use that for the rest of the vehicles. The Chimera that is already colour coted is for the psyker battle squad so I think the fact that it is different works with the fluff and eliminates any confusion about who were on the table-top/battle-field.

They still will get the tiger stripes of red like the previous Chimera as well so thematically the army should tie together quite nicely.

Anyway onto the deep thoughts:

So I've been looking at Blogs a lot lately and I feel I fall into the same category which is that I am offering images and pictures of my latest projects but I don't really feel like I am necessarily adding anything unique to the discussion. I've thought about different avenues I could work with and nothing really jumps out.

So I'm left with the feeling that my blog although fun for me is really just an echo chamber for my own thoughts and not really adding to or, Iguess, enriching the hobby. So what do you think is just plugging along and blogging about my latelest model or list or game really something that people want or should blogs attempt to offer something more meaningful to the hobby world?


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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

+Coming Down The Pipe+

Hello All,

Been Super busy lately but here's a quick glimpse of one of the things I've been working on.
A pair of Leman Russ Battle tanks, one new and one old skool styley. I think I'm going to leave the side plates off the old skool one, I feel it adds to the renegade feel. I do think I need to put something on the side, inside the tracks, but I'm not too sure what that should be. And that dude in the middle is one of the Guard Crewmen from GW, I will be giving him the dreadlock treatment to match the rest of my melta vet squad.

Any way I'll get some new pics taken of a couple things I've been picking away at, the Freaky Freaky ApC's interior is getting near done and I've gotten some more paint on the Fortress of Redemption as well so I'll get those posted in the next couple days.


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Thursday, September 2, 2010

+WIP it! Color test for Traitor Guard+

Hello All Y'all (all Y'all is the plural form of Y'all, icyww),

Back again with another intallment of the Buddy Times, a place were grown men get out their little buddys and play with them, and paint them, and show them to each other. It's really about sharing.

So this week I wanted to share my WIP of a test model I'm working on, I think this is what I'm going to go with, as far as the Cloth and the base tone of the flesh. I think the cloth may need another highlight but I think maybe that can be corrected more easily during the initial painting then trying to back-peddle, so I'll likely let this little buddy ride and and try to allow more of the gray base-coat to show through on the next one.

I turned the Brightness up on this one to try and show some of the colors in the cloth, I would really appreciate any input on this one guys because I like it, but I am not 1oo% on it, and its a freakin' guard army so I don't want to paint 50 little guys then decide I don't like it, Ya' know?

Here's just a back shot, its hard to make out but there is a pretty nice ggray to black gradient on his vox pack thingy

Anyway let me know what you guys think please, and I'll post any further developments as they are happing.


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