Sunday, June 17, 2012

++ Posible Sixth Ed Cover! ++

 Hey Buddys,

 Just a quickie to get through the weekend. Thanks to Faeit 212 for this awesome leaked shot of what sure looks like a hardback rulebook... 6th?!?!

The only other thought I could possibly have is that it is the new cover for the hardback DA codex... But with the tagline on the bottom (pretty Blurry but appears to say "in the Grim Dark...") it sure seems like a core rule-book. It is good to see the Dark Angels finally getting some front cover love, something they haven't had since Dark Millennium 2nd ed. expansion if I recall correctly...

 Hope everyone is well and Happy Father's day out there to all you breeders!


  1. That looks very Dark Angelish.
    Could my dreams be coming true and the 40k Codices are now hardback?

  2. That was definately one thought I had as well... I would surprised to see them not in hardback to honest though...

  3. Oh well....
    You never know.
    We might only have to wait a month to see a new Codex release.


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