Friday, August 27, 2010

+Freaky Freaky Transport gets more paint+

Hello everyone out in the interwebs,

So quick wanted to remind everyone that this Sunday at 8pm Mountain time is another exciting installment of Two Guys Painting we got some nice things lined up to share and also a couple topics as well, so join the painting party in progress from your house and chill with the Buddys and paint some buddys.

Now that I've got the sameless plug out of the way I wanted to give a progress update on the prototype for my vehicle paint-scheme, I think I like it alot, but I'm not sure I'll get some pics of my tezt infantry model and put them together to see what people think I would love some feedback from people.

I created the disruptive pattern using an airbrush technique of shading each panel of armour on the tank seperatly. I started with a nice black tank and feathered Codex Gray about 2/3 down each panel shielding or masking with tape the other panels and finally adding a final shade of Dheneb Stone to finish off the three color base scheme.

For the 2nd layer of the color scheme, the red tiger stripes, I laid down a smooth layer of Mechrite Red and feathered Blood Red pver it. and finished with a mix of Blood Red and Macharius Solar Orange to finish off the highlighted and brightest areas. I also switched the direction the highlight are facinhg at this step, I am not sure I'll do this on all the tanks I just wanted to see how it would come out, but I do like it.

I chose to go with the tiger stripes because I just started to get images of triangles in my mind when I was brainstorming patterns and I figures that tiger stripes were the best way to have triangles but still utilize some of the painting real estate on the top of the Chimera model. By linking the two sets of triangles on the opposite sides of the vehicle it creates a cool striped thing and I like that.

I also used the stripes to conceal a couple of errors from the first wave of spraying, so that is nice too. Now I'm going to use various weathering techniques to conceal the mistakes from this stage. So thats nice.

So let me know if I'm onto something or if you think this looks like crap, and remember two guys painting this Sunday, our super duper battle report will hopefully be ready in time and if not 100% complete enough to really give you guys an idea of what we think is possible.


Smoke Blood For Blood God

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