Sunday, August 8, 2010

+Blood of Skulls: Tournament debrief+

Hello Intertubez,

Yesterday was a small 1850 tournament at one of the FLGS in the area so John Henry and myself cruised by to see what we could get into. I brought my Blood Smoker Legion of Khorne and John Henry feilded his 4th company Ultramarines. I will post my list and pics of the Army sooncome. But all in the all the event was quite nice and much fun was had by most, there'a always going to be some haters wherever you go, ya' know?

I again finished somewhere in the middle, but I was able score the Adapt of Mars award for best appearance. O.o Wow didn't expect that. I always put alot of time energy and effert into my painting and modelling but I often feel that really I'm just gearing up and someday my creations will really look the way I want them to, but that now ity's just a WIP. I gotta say this award is making me reconsider that concept, and maybe I'm making more progress then I thought initially. Anyways I was stoked to be acknowledged for my energy spent painting and modelling.

So now for just some quick show and tell:

Here's an old Death Wing Chaplin I've had bumpin' around for awhile I don't think I shared here yet.

and also a shot of the rear of Sasquatch Kharn's back so you can see the GS work that went into him to fill out the proportions.

A note to true-scalers the Chaos Lord Kit is actually a bit larger than a standard Marine Termie so If you use it as a basis for a TS marine he'll be a bit bigger then even a 'normal' true scale.

This is a little duel diorama I made, you can really see the huge-ness of Sasquatch Kharn in this:


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

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  1. Good times at the tourney, I got wrecked. Oh well.


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