Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Tourney

What's up busters? So a few weeks ago I played my first Warhammer 40k tournament. You might have read about it in Hash's post. He took best painted (adeptus of mars, I think). I took home a big bag of humiliation. Not really, I had tons of fun and didn't really commit my mind entirely to the game. So I wasn't hurt when I got my blue-tide-ass handed to me, by not one, two, but three corrupted armies of the taint...chaos. Thousand Sons, Demon swarms, and some World Eaters (a la Blood Angels). Not only was it my first tournament but also the first time I've ever played anyone but close friends. Weird huh. I got out of my living room bubble and it was great.

I ran my one and only Ultramarines 4th Company army, here pictured. This was the 1850 list I used for the tournament. After playing it and thinking about it, there's major reworking I plan on doing. Mainly dropping the Devs, and taking a command squad for the captain (which I'm currently modeling, Hash, where's my power sword!). Also trying to squeeze in another Dreadnough or maybe a vindicator. Options, Options, Options. Other then that the core of the army is great. The three Tact squads, the Ven. Dread, and Captain always perform well.

Anyway. Yeah I run vanilla-ass Marines but I would play no other army. So mad props to Total Escape Games, in Broomfield, for running the tournament, and what's up to all the players. I look forward to crushing you Rommel style next time. Peace.

John Henry out


  1. check out the term-ies head lying on the ground! ha

  2. Those are some great looking UM!

    Glad you had a good time; indeed playing different folks and seeing new armies is the big reason I go to events.


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