Wednesday, May 26, 2010

98% Complete...Just need to pick a name!

Yo Interwebzzzz,

Hope alls well, so...three posts in three days! wow I'm actually turning into a blogger :) we'll see if I can keep up this level of volume, as far as posting goes.

I realized the easier it is for me to take pics of my stuff the more I want to post, so hopefully in the next two weeks I can set up a solid photo nook in my man-cave/dungeon.

Well here's the MOSTLY complete True-Scale Fallen, might still work on sword blade and need to write his name onto the leg scrolling he has, but other than that there's nothing that jumps out at me as far asneeding much attention. So first attept at NMM and I'm happy with the Brass/gold color but the steel grey stuff is difficult, so I'm not too happy with the result but you live you learn :)

I replied in thread over at B&C that the pose really was something I worked hard on to give him the casual but totally Bad@$$ at the same time like:
"I guess I'll walk over there and run you through with this big ol' power know, I'm like ten thousand years old, right? Ya' know not everyone can do that right, only supreme Bad@$$3$ can do that...ya' know cruise around and battle for ten millennia"

C&C please, and thanks again!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DW Side-Track

Hello Inter-tubes,

Now that I am having a bit more free time I will hopefully be updatine the blog more regularly, After dropping my Fallen Angel the other day I though I'd follow up with some DeathWing goodness. (Sorry about the poor quality pics, I will be working with my baby's momma ;) , who is a photographer to help me soon in improving the quality)

^^Here's the 1850 family shot with a few WIP's mixed in (banners & LandRaider's mainly)

But the real point of this post is the MkIIb LandRaider, have always wanted the FW one but since I already have 2 DW LR's, One Chaos LR, and a fourth still in the box, I haven't been able to justify the purchase. But I did decide to make one using plasticard, and bits, here it is:

Still need to fill the gaps around the front plates, but...C&C welcome, please.

It was built using:

Well since I'm on a limited schedule I'll be focusing my painting on finishing up this army, so the next few posts will likely be this but I do want to get a group shot of the Hashshashinian 113th in a group format soon as well.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Knocking the Dust Off

Hello Interwebs,

Long time no talk but I'm bck, I love you baby, I won't leave you again, at least not for long... After a short bender I've recovered and am back...Just kidding,

I've been super busy with real life business and baby-time business.

Even in the absence of posting to the blog I haver been getting my hobby on, just in private, like my basement private.

Well having been thinking about my Traitor guard project I came up with some more fluff for my crew and it also included a great modelling opportunity as well.

Looking at Straken's rules-set it occurred to me that he basically has a Marine stat-line, give or take a couple numbers here and there. This realization coupled with my like of True-scale marines made me want to build a Fallen Dark Angel I've been mentally planning for awhile. So without further buildup I present my latest project still a WIP as far as some of the detal painting is concerned:

So he's made with:

So C&C are welcome, hope everyone likes it and I'll try to get the finished pics up when I'm done.

And on a side note my gaming group has been kicking names around for our crew and one thats been presented is "Shock-Hammer" and I kinda like it, so if anyone wants please give feedback on that as well.

Till next time,


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