Thursday, December 22, 2011

So, um yeah... Another Movie Trailer

Hello Buddys,

I know this isn't really a movie blog but I had to share this with all of yous out there.

So yeah this looks the movie I may have been waiting my entire life for, or at least my entire life post seeing Alien anyway, and if you've not seen Alien here's the trailer for that as well

Well ok enough is enough the next post SHOULD be about hobby stuff, unless some other crazy awesome trailer comes out in the next week...


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Um So Yeah... Check This out! The Hobbit Smokes!

Ok, so here ya go Buddys... 

The Hobbit Trailer dropped and I had to post it here for all of yous out there. I dont have much else to say then Check it:

I'm actually away from the hobby dungeon at the moment and will be mostly for the next two weeks, I have a post in the wings but I am pretty cuaght up so if I can I will try and get that posted but you probably won't hear much from me in the next couple weeks... which now that I think about it isn't really abnormal based on my recent post schedule. Anyways hope all of you are well and enjoying the Solstice and we can look forward to some brighter days and shorter nights!

from wiki, the #1 source of all truthiness:

Winter solstice

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
UTC Date and Time of

Winter solstice on northern hemisphere.
The winter solstice occurs exactly when the axial tilt of a planet's polar hemisphere is farthest away from the starthat it orbits. Earth's maximum axial tilt to our star, the Sun, during a solstice is 23° 26'. More evidently from high latitudes, a hemisphere'swinter solstice occurs on the shortest day and longest night of the year, when the sun's daily maximum elevation in the sky is the lowest.[2] Since the winter solstice lasts only a moment in time, other terms are often used for the day on which it occurs, such as midwinterthe longest night or the first day of winter.
The seasonal significance of the winter solstice is in the reversal of the gradual lengthening of nights and shortening of days. Depending on the shift of the calendar, the winter solstice usually occurs on December 21 to 23 each year in the Northern Hemisphere, and June 20 to 23 in the Southern Hemisphere.[3]
Worldwide, interpretation of the event has varied from culture to culture, but most cultures have held a recognition of rebirth, involving holidaysfestivals, gatherings, rituals or other celebrations around that time.

Friday, December 9, 2011

SUPER! Dungeon Explore - Review, Part: the 2nd

Mini-boss and some minions size compared to ^

Hello Buddys,

Back again with some more Soda Pop goodness and the next installment of my

SUPER! Dungeon Explore - Review

Again let me apologize for how sub-par the pics are, they are from the same batch the last time a played, anyway onto the review-part the 2nd! Last time I mostly talked about how awesome the models are. This time I want to go over some of the game play, and components for the game.

The whole purpose of this game, much like many video games of yesteryear, is to kill the end boss. Pretty straight forward, and would seem repetitive but honestly how many hours have you logged on Zelda, or Gauntlet, and don't let me even start on Final Fantasy Tactics... (I still have the same file I have been working on for years! my main dood is like a master of half the job classes...) which all in all are all pretty repetitive games. 

Berserker Babe and Dwarf Fighter

For Super Dungeon the replay-ability comes i the form of the heroes and the power-ups. Without further expansion the Consul has a limited amount of variety.  In the rules it says choose a dungeon boss, well there is only one dungeon boss! So clearly they had expansions in mind when they were writing the main rule book, but at this point the consul is basically on auto pilot.

Hex-Sorceress, Man-form of Druid, and a Armored baddy

The heroes on the other hand have 9 race/classes to choice from, and 10 if you jumped on the limited edition Candy and Cola mini like I did. Each one has a few stats and a heart and potion maximum. Hearts are health (go figure) and potions are a unique power each hero gets that has a whole range of effects depending on which character fired up their magic brew. Each character's stats and powers and all of their special rules are included on their game card.

 Ok here is one of my gripes about the game: the cards are not made of the best materials, don't get me wrong I have heard other people bash the quality of these components (cards especially) and they aren't complete garbage but their importance to the game and the fact that many od the rules are not found anywhere outside the cards is a mistake IMHO. Once Soda Pop gets their website up and running maybe there could be downloads of the cards, but as of now half the rules to play the game are contained on cards that are of medicore quality.
Hero card

All of the random elements of the game are determined by stats ad color coded dice. No math, no charts, if your character has a two blue dice icon then you simply roll those dice against your opponents' roll and whomever gets more stars (pips) wins the roll off. There are blue, red, and green. Blues are the weakest but also have hearts, where reds are better but have potions, and green is the bestest best and has a heart and potion face. if you roll a heart then you get heal a heart on a hero, if you roll a potion a hero gets a potion... the consul treats hearts and potions as blanks though, he gets no potions or hearts :(

Anyway back to the gameplay. The heroes come out of a 'start' button they place near an entrance and the consul gets spawning points a la Gauntlet where he can pump out his minions from. Depending on the size of game the heroes get more and the monsters get more points to spawn, as well as there being more boards to expand the size of the dungeon. In fat the game seems to scale based on a formula: 1 board tile = 1 hero = 1 spawning point. an 8-bit game is two board tiles, 2 heroes and two spawn pints, a 16-bit game is 3,3 and 3. So the balance is nice and the differences between the heroes leads to alot of variety, and as expansions come out (hopefully!) the Consul should be able to mix up his forces enough to really keep the game fresh.

two different spawn points that come with the game

In closing, the game as a whole rocks, it is super fun-super explore! and the components are generally great... except the cards, they are not completely effed, but they are definitely not Fantasy Flight grade cards. The boards for the game are great the rulebook, although somewhat confusing to read, is very nice and shiny and the minis are excellent so the fact that cards fell a little flat is totally forgivable but if you do drop $90 on this bad boy make sure to grab around 100 card sleeves while you're at the store becuase you will want them. I have never used them before but after two gaes I went out to get them. Geekily enough I bought blue and red backed sleeves for the treasure and loot cards and clear ones for the heroes and monsters.

Anyway I digress, but you should definitely check this game out for a fun hobby project and a game that plays easy enough for a young child or non-gamer could easily get into, but with enough strategy, models, and hobby content to keep the hardcore gamer interested as well. Overall this a Buddy favorite and I have already put it into my list of favorite games and really look forward to seeing where this goes and where Soda Pop minis goes as a company.

ps... based on how much I enjoyed the models and this game I went ahead and ordered a Relic Knight Mecha pin-up girl thing and will be posting about that as well soon... Man Soda Pop really got its anime-inspired claws unexpectedly right into me!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

++ Have you seen this?!? The Lord =][= ++

Ok Buddys,

So, I know I am a little late to the party on this one but really you gotta check this out.

This guy is making this thing in his FREE TIME! I barely have free time and when I do I do geeky stuff like blog about little toys I make in my basement... o.O  It sounds pretty bad when you put it like that.... Um I create miniature art in my studio when I am feeling creative... Yeah that's the ticket, yeah...

Anyway xhexk out the shinys:

You can get more info:

I hope this guy gets to finish this thing because besides he voice acting this thing looks pretty frikking sweet, and GW would be silly to put the kibosh on it but sillier things have happened we shall see!

Cheers Buddys

Sunday, December 4, 2011

++ Custodes in Plastic: Finecast Edition ++

Hello Buddys,

Just to make sure everyone knows that  have not been completely won over by the cuteness that is Soda Pop's Super Dungeon Explore I wanted to drop some Grim-Dark-Future-Only-War on that @$$!

Here is the newest addition, and crown jewel in many ways, to my Custodes army. He is my new stand in for Crowe and I think is a much better hero then the other more standard 'swordsman' guy I had before.

As many keen-eyed hobbyists out thee noticed this the =][= Coteaz model in Finecast with his head and all other =][= symbols shaved off and properly Custoded out. Since his fur was so emphasized and often Custodes are depicted without backpacks I decided that he would not have a backpack, and since he is the leader of the Custodes army he can do whatever he likes...

Some features of note are the lion claws I added to his cape and I intentionally selected Lion themed bits from the high el sprue for him, including a little lion head on his helmet. So this guy is like the lion of the Eagles.. or something... It works visually and there is no confusion he is a custodes... right?

Seriously though, another feature I am very happy with is his Guardian Spear. It is made using the Warding Stave handle so there is fancy crosshatched grip on the haft and the bolter itself is from the Space Marine Commander kit so has some extra blingy texture on it. Overall it gives him that extra bump in detail that I feel leaders should have, especially if you are leading the most elite force in the 31st millennia

and the base is made from the limited run mines, bombs and booby traps kit GW splashed a couple years back, along with some other debris. The thing I love about it though is the fact that the rubble completely eclipses the little 25m base under there.

And of course It would be a size comparison if there wasn't a space marine in there... so there ya go he even came out pretty imposing  in the scheme of things.

Overall I had a good time making this guy and he really signifies the end of the construction phase for the Custodes army outside some of the vehicle stuff I want to get to eventually. I will try to get some group shots for everyone and then I just need to keep painting the frigging things  O.o

Although lately the guard army ha been calling me back, I think all this Grey Knights hate is harsh-ing my mellow, so I might have to go back to the renegades and get those guys painted up before I finish off the Custodes...When did guard become not hated and Grey Knights hated?!?
Anyway, we'll see, but the Guard does deserve to come back into the limelight after their long hiatus in their foam "robot bed" as my daughter calls their battle foam case.

Until next time keep it geeky and have a good one

Thursday, December 1, 2011

SUPER! Dungeon Explore - Review, Part: the 1st

massed forces of the Consul

      Hello Interwebs, It's Buddy Times Review Times!

This is SUPER! Dungeon explore the review. So let's start with the miniatures and components then move into the game itself. Sorry the pics are sub par, I took them after our SUPER! game the other night haven't had a lot of time down in the dungeon lately for photo opportunities, but you get the idea...


The models are of a rubbery-ish-resin-y plastic that I have never worked with before, but was very easy to work with. I have never assembled any of the Warmachine stuff but these may be similar products, this is purely speculation based on what I have heard or read.

Berserker and Dwarfish Fighter 
The fact that these models come in bags of bits was an interesting change of pace then just having sprue piled high. A word to the wise the bags are sorted into groups of models, all of which are multi-piece with emphasis on multi. Each one of these little guys are from three - seven pieces each, some of which are tiny and there are like 50 some models. It took two medium hobby sessions to get all of them scraped, based and glued (used Gorilla Super glue, my current super glue of choice) Overall a nice little miniature adventure, and could probably be sped up or slowed down based on what you were feeling, I really wanted to get these things into the dungeon though so I did my fastest yet thorough job possible: about four hours.

Paladin vs. Dragon

The good guys and treasure chest are in grey plastic and the evil minions of cutesy doom are cast in red. There are nine heroes but the druid has his Angry Bear form so there are ten hero models and five chests. The heroes are pretty intricate and fairly dynamic for how detailed yet simple they are. As far as the size comparison goes these heroes are slightly shorter then a space marine {clearly the universal size for a model ;) } but not by much, and the bear is quite large. as you can see below.

the universal size compare

Overall I really like the models, in quality and execution of the 'chibi' style, whether you like it not it is very cohesive and crisp throughout the entire range of models. The style itself has completely grown on me and I am totally looking forward to painting these little guys. Hopefully I can make some headway and post pics in the next two weeks.

Actually playing this lately motivated me to bust out the old PSone and get in some Final Fantasy Tactics before bed a couple times, and I actually think that is the best comparison to style I can come up with.

awesomeness in tiny body-huge head form

These are great models and basically a great value comparatively speaking. The whole box clocks in at around 90 bucks  and since you get about 50 models, and a couple of those are larger then standard so I feel like that alone is worth it not even considering all the other shizzle that comes in the box.

Ok Buddys it's the end of the pics so it's the end of the post...In the next episodes I will discuss the gameplay and execution of the other components that come with the game.

Well until then be well and enjoy your hobby time buddy

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All Your Miniature are Belong to Us


k Buddys everywhere, 

     I know I been out of the lop for awhile but here I am, back again. Progress on the Custodes has been slow, although somewhat steady... But that my friends is not what I am here to share with you today, oh no what I am here to share today is:

      Alright, I am sure many people have heard about this game and have been curious or wondering what the deal is, and I have to say after playing it a few times at the 8-bit and 16-bit modes it is pretty frigging fun. Now I don't think this is (obviously) a super serious game although there is a certain level of strategy and tactics at play. BUT: If rolling dice (shiney colored dice :D ) and pushing models around does not sound like fun, then this game is not fun for you. But if you do like pushing models around and rolling dice then you may like this. What is this Super Dungeon Explore you ask?

     Imagine the love child of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Heroquest while the four characters from Gauntlet cheered on... Wow did I just reveal some weird Freudian thing?!?

      Moving on, The game is interesting because the play and reset time is not very long at the smaller levels making it something you can bust out and get through a couple games pretty quick even with the gamer uninitiated. The game-play is simple enough but has options and intricacies. The rules are delivered via cards that correspond to the heroes/villains they represent functioning as a character sheet and cheat sheet for special rules. Personally I am not a huge card person but these cards have a good mix of actual game mechanic and pretty picture to look at. The game aspect is that they function as a place to put the various counters that are required for play and give you the stats in easy to read colored icons... Roll this many dice of this color... Easy, straight forward.

      The overall visual design is appealing to everyone I know who has seen it so far from my 3 year daughter (who loves angry bear) to my old-school gamer buddies...  well I guess that is actually a pretty small spectrum from some perspective. Needless to say if you want a change from the Grim Dark Blood & Skulls then this a game were the body-count is ridiculously high but the reality level is proportionally low making it a candy colored slaughter fest.

Unfortunately I do not have any pics of my set right now but I will get some and post them soon, as well as a overview of the contents. So look for more SDE action to come becuse this is something I will be working on, on and off for awhile.

Till next time Buddys have a good one, and man that was long...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

+ WIP IT! Chicken Dread in Yo Face +

Hello Intertubes,

Hope all is well out there in the warp and welcome back to another edition of Buddy Times. Today I wanted to dropsome hobby WIP's on that backside. I call it the chicken pattern Dreadnought and he is for my Custodes army that I am making some good progress on. So have a look and sorry that he has been primed black, I though I had already taken ics of him but I hadn't.
I wanted to give him height to match some of the old pre-heresy art, and I happened to have a sentinel and an Assualt on Black Reach dread laying around so viola! Chicken Dread in da house.

Here's a shot so you can see how the legs fit and add so much hieght.

I put the power plant from the sentinel on him to mix it up a bit.

And finally a comparison shot so you can see how tall he is com[pared to one of my Custodes and a basic marine.

Well what does everyone tink? Is it going in a good direction? I will showcase the arms in another post, I just completed a new autocannon conversion for the right arm that I am pretty into so I wil try and get some pics of that up soon as well. Anyways thanks for stopping by and I hope a little Buddy Times made your day 1% better overall. Cheers

Saturday, July 2, 2011

+ WIP IT! Custodes Guardian Squad gets some Acrylic Love +

Hello everybody out on the tubes,

Just wanted t drop a quick show and tell to let everyone know that Hashshashin does paint, even though I clearly enjoy modeling and building better. Anyhow this a mid-way WIP of Squad A, or Squad Sword as they are marked on their Rhino.

The Gold is airbrushed three colors of: Shining Gold from GW, Gold fro m the Vallejo Model Air line, and lastly a light dusting of Bright Brass from Model Air as well. All of these are over a brown base coat.

Then the whole thing is washed with GW Sepia to re-goldify it and blend the Air Brush layers, afterwhich I will add line highlights of gold or Bright Brass dependeing on the local. The Red is still in progress, and will be getting a bit more Blood Red before I do some washing and weathering along the bottom edge wear the robes/capes would be dragging on the ground.

^ This guy is the only one who I have started on the face .^ So far it's is just the GW foundation flesh color (I forget the name and don't feel like descending into the dungeon right now. maybe Tallarn flesh or something???). The faces are so small that I don't think they will be that hard to paint but I am curious how it will look because it is the only flesh on the model and is teeny-tiny.

So here's the last two guys in the squad, another Halberd and the counts-as Psi-Cannon dude.

Anyways always looking forward to any comments or criticism. Particularly is the gold "gold" enough? I think it works and is unique to most other golds I have seen, which was one of the goals. Thanks again for stopping by for Buddy Times and we'll see ya on the tubes.

Friday, July 1, 2011

+ Just When You Thought You Owned Enuff Dreadnoughts...

... ForgeWorld goes and blows your mind through your backside, and all you can do is bend over and hand them your wallet...

Seriously, I will have to buy this now. It may be awhile because Hashshashin's on broke status but rest assured within the next six months she will be mine, oh yes, she will be. check out more pics and stuff at ForgeWorld's web-location

anyways cheers, and I will have some painting WIPs of my Guardian units up soon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

+ WIP IT! Legio Custdes Terminator: Take 1 +

Hello Intertubez,

Alright so now internet back online (It was down for a couple of days and I realized I am totally addicted to the intertubez) and borrowed a friends camera to get some shots of a odel I just finished a couple nights ago. He's the test run for my Custodes Terminators and I think it turned out pretty good.

So I have yet to see a picture of a terminator with a guardian spear but since the Grey Knight book doesn't allow Terminators to rock power fists I though it would fit the theme of the army to give him a Guardian spear but I put a stormbolter at the tip instead of just the regular bolter on the Power Armoured guys.

The main themes I chose to emphasize are the shoulder pads, the Roman styled armour strips that hang from the shoulder pads and off the waist, the pointed collar and the head/helmet style.

Overall I think it works pretty well and I have to say that the new plastic Grey Knight Termies are a nice kit with tons of extra bits. If you like terminators or hand to hand combat arms fr terminators or are starrting a true scale army this box rox.

aAnyways hope to get some more regular posts up now that I have got all my ducks in a rowe as far as camera usage and internets functionality.

Again thanks for having some Buddy Times and C&C is always welcome.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Grey Knight FA-Q is Up and Rolling!

Already ladies and Gentlemen,

The GK FAQ is posted and out there check it here: Grey Knight FAQ

Enjoy and post any comments on what you think... No shunt during scout is a bit of a bummer ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

+ Camera Malfunction and the Independent Character's Hobby Challenge ++

Hello Intertubez,

Hope everyone is well. I have been having some issues with my camera coupled with a lack of internet at the new man cave 3.0 'the Dungeon' makes having a photo driven hobby blog a bit difficult. I keep trying to think of clever insightful things to write that pertain to 4ok or the hobby in general, like some in-depth tactica, or an amaze-ballz insight into the downfall of GW based on their wicked and evil practices of being a for-profit business but I can never come up with such things that deserve anything more than the label of random 'thinking' rather than something to vomit forth unto the world...

Soon I will have a camera up and running (money permitting) or will be borrowing random cameras from friends until then and getting some updates on the Custodes as well. Finished a test model type guy and am going to start on Squads 1 & 2 soon. Sword and Hammer squad respectively. I also wanted to get some picks up of my new 3.o man-cave aka 'the Dungeon,' my finest-cast* man-cave thus far.

Anyway I digress thanks for coming by to share some buddy times and I wanted to let people know that I am also going to be joining the Independent Character's podcast's Hobby Challenge and the Custodes are going to be the doods of choice for my hobby goal. The goal is by next May I will have an 1850 completed (fully assembled and painted) and with my hobby ADHD I thought a little support like that would help me stay on target. Since I have a low model count that helps but since each model is so thoroughly converted that finishing the models alone is challenge and that is somewhat of a handicap. Overall I think it is going to be fun.

have a great day and keep the Buddy Times rolling.

*that's a joke... get it...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

+ WIP It! Techmarine with Conversion Beamer +

Hello Everybody,

Thought I would do some more show and tell for everyone. Here is my Techmarine with conversion beamer. I will likely not be including this guy into my Custodes list but I have had the idea and bits laying around for awhile and while I was waiting to get the last boxes I need (final GK box as well as GK termies) I threw this guy together. The initial motivation was the face and the beamer. A hooded face with robot eye plus re-breather just screamed Mechanicus to me.

So here he is:

Why the conversion beamer, you may ask... Well it's pre-heresy and it can shoot across the board, something very little in the GK dex can. So in friendly games I may very well be throwing this guy in the mix, but I think he'll end up riding the pine in more competitive environments.

His Beamer is actually a super old-skool space marine scout heavy bolter with some bits removed and some other bits added. I think it looks suitably beamer-ish, even with the clip sticking out of the front.

I will likely add a third servo-type-arm that has a bladed end to count as his power weapon, but I wanted to leave his armour a little plain to distiguish him from the rest of the blinged out Custodes, and really this is a model that you could throw into any army that has a techmarine with beamer option. I had even thought about using this dood as a counts as =][= for a Mechanicum themed =][= warband or even whole army in the future...

And finally a little booty shot for all the fellas out there.

What does everyone think? Do Techmarines really blow? Are conversion beamers even remotely effective? Comments and critics always welcome.

Thanks for having some Buddy Times.

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