Monday, August 9, 2010

Product Review: Plano Pistol Case

In the interest of storing and transporting my army, and saving more then a few bucks; I've purchased two pistol cases. My man Hashshashin tipped me off to these cases, one of which he originally bought at Wall-Mart. They are the: Plano Four-Pistol/Accessory Case, model # 1404-02. I picked mine up at Jax, a local Colorado outdoors type store, for 15.95 each baby. That's right $32 for total storage! So what's in the case? Well first off the case is about 16X14X6 inches. It comes with three foam trays. Two with egg crate on one side and flat on the other, these pieces are 1.75 inches thick. The other tray is the pimp shit. This one is 1.25 inches thick and is made of a grid of half inch plugs that you can tear out at will to fit different things. I ended up using just an xacto to cut the small connecting bits from each plug to remove them. Tearing them out was too reckless and ended up ripping connections you didn't want to rip. But even then a little super glue fixed that right up. And there you have it.

To custom fit my Ultramarines army, weighing in at around 2500-3000 points, I used both cases I purchased, making one for infantry, and one for vehicles. The infantry ended up fitting the following, with room to spare. 52 marines, 16 terminators, this includes a few fancy models that take up more room than others (see pictures). In this case is the two “pull-foam” trays for the infantry, also one egg crate between them, and one egg crate on the top lid. The vehicle case has an egg crate on the top and bottom with the following in between. 1 Land Raider, 1 Vindicator, 3 Rhinos, 3 Dreadnoughts, 1 Land Speeder. There's not much room to spare but they fit comfortably and with the lid closed there is zero movement inside.

So at the end of the day, 32 dollars went a long way. I can easily store and transport my army. I can even spray paint some cool decals on the side, which I plan to do soon. On top of all that, these cases are still easily customized further with different foam tray and the like. Why spend more? If you're rich I guess. This has been John Henry for The Buddy Times with Product Review.

John Henry out.

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