Monday, August 16, 2010

+Freaky Freaky APC+ Psyker Muties needed a ride


Just wanted to throw up some pics of my Psyker Mutie's ride, the Prison style Chimera. I wanted hte inside to have a cannabilistic mutants are trapped in there feel. During the painting process I'm really going to push my weathering and layering skills on this one.

Having worked mainly on STC rhino and LR hulls the Chimera's interior is not sculpted but is very large and easily visible with the rear hatch open, so there's alot of real estate to work with in there.

I wanted the top hatch and possibly the rear door to have bars over them instead of the standard hatch to show off the freaky interior more even when the tank is all closed up.

Here you're getting the first glimpse of the inside, I thought a little meat for the freaks was appropriate so there's a Kroot leg o' man hanging in there from the ceiling, and I'll probably add more things to the ceiling, possibly a light hanging from a chain or whatnot.

I had this weird lizadman skull thing laying around and I thought it seemed like some heretical mutant psyker stuff and fit the vibe of what I was going for. There are also some chains and a little altar/shrine thingy in the rear as well as scattered mutant lunch remnants (bones and skulls).

So again please feel free to comment and tell me if it looks like you think it should, or not


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

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