Saturday, May 28, 2011

+ WIP It! Techmarine with Conversion Beamer +

Hello Everybody,

Thought I would do some more show and tell for everyone. Here is my Techmarine with conversion beamer. I will likely not be including this guy into my Custodes list but I have had the idea and bits laying around for awhile and while I was waiting to get the last boxes I need (final GK box as well as GK termies) I threw this guy together. The initial motivation was the face and the beamer. A hooded face with robot eye plus re-breather just screamed Mechanicus to me.

So here he is:

Why the conversion beamer, you may ask... Well it's pre-heresy and it can shoot across the board, something very little in the GK dex can. So in friendly games I may very well be throwing this guy in the mix, but I think he'll end up riding the pine in more competitive environments.

His Beamer is actually a super old-skool space marine scout heavy bolter with some bits removed and some other bits added. I think it looks suitably beamer-ish, even with the clip sticking out of the front.

I will likely add a third servo-type-arm that has a bladed end to count as his power weapon, but I wanted to leave his armour a little plain to distiguish him from the rest of the blinged out Custodes, and really this is a model that you could throw into any army that has a techmarine with beamer option. I had even thought about using this dood as a counts as =][= for a Mechanicum themed =][= warband or even whole army in the future...

And finally a little booty shot for all the fellas out there.

What does everyone think? Do Techmarines really blow? Are conversion beamers even remotely effective? Comments and critics always welcome.

Thanks for having some Buddy Times.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

+ Custodes in Plastic: WIP It! Jetbikers!

Hello Tubes,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I just wanted to drop a quick update on the Custodes. Here is the 'counts as' Interceptors squad. I feel like a 12in move and the ability to 'Shunt' once a game seemed to fit the rules for a jetbike, and since one of the three major aspects of the Custodes are the Jet-bikers. So this is my rendition of those. Some people like to make the Jet-bikes really big and bulky, which is cool, but I just wanted to make them based off of marine bikes (especially because I had half of a Ravenwing box laying around and I didn't plan on adding any more bikes to my mixed wing).

This is the team captain, that mace is likely to be a counts as hammer, but doesn't have to be. He was made using:
  • a Chaos Warriors' head with added wingy bits
  • Ravenwing biker legs
  • and the torsoes from the high elfs box that the pointy heads came from
The bikes are:
  • Space Marine bikes
  • Ravenwing Land Speeder missile launcher thingys for the front and back 'jets'
  • Chaos vehicle face-thingy as the intake for the 'jets'
  • a standard bike front plate coupled with a Ravenwing front plate
In the art the Jet-bikers are armed with javelin spear deals but since I want to be essentially WYSIWYG and don't want to spend all the points on Halberds for everyone I am just giving them swords, except the captain who could have a 'hammer' if points allow.

Speaking of WYSIWYG seeing as how a bike base and a 25 mm are nowhere near the same size I decided to incorporate a 25mm base into my bike bases so there can be no calls of shenanigans, or that I am modeling for advantage. Clearly these models are way bigger then they are supposed to be but I feel like the base is the critical part so I really wanted to represent both the base size I think looks good on the model but also include the proper size base for gaming.

I also wanted to throw in one of my 'counts as' Psy-Cannons to give the squad some teeth.

Once again comments are always welcome and in case you missed my Squad Deux post because it kinda got bumped by my Macho man news flash have look and let me know what you guys think.

I also finished a test model (just a Tac Marine) I will try to get posted as a reference for how to do the gold painting and I think it turned out pretty good. If I don't get him posted it won't be long before I post the squad I am working on. So I hope alls is well out there in the big old real world and thanks for having some Buddy Times with me.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Breaking News! "Wrestler known as 'Macho Man' dies in Fla. wreck" from AP

Randy "Macho Man" Savage, a larger-than-life personality from professional wrestling's 1980s flying-elbow heyday known for his raspy voice, brash style and the young woman named Miss Elizabeth who often accompanied him, died in a car crash Friday in Florida. He was 58.

A Florida Highway Patrol crash report said the former wrestler — whose legal name was Randy Mario Poffo — was driving a Jeep Wrangler when he lost control in Pinellas County around 9:25 a.m. The Jeep veered over the raised concrete median divider, crossed over the eastbound lanes and crashed head-on into a tree.

Police said he may have suffered a "medical event" before the accident, but the report did not elaborate, and it said officials would need to perform an autopsy to know for sure.

The report said a woman in the vehicle, identified as Barbara L. Poffo, 56, suffered minor injuries. A statement from Stamford, Conn.-based World Wrestling Entertainment said the passenger was the wrestler's current wife. Both were wearing their seatbelts, according to the police report.

"Poffo will be greatly missed by WWE and his fans," the statement said.

Savage was a charismatic wrestler made famous for his "Macho Man" nickname and his "Oooh Yeah!" catchphrase. He was a champion in Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Federation, and later Ted Turner's now-defunct World Championship Wrestling.

Poffo was under contract with WWE from 1985 to 1993 and held both the WWE and Intercontinental Championships.

"Our sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends. We wish a speedy recovery to his wife," WWE said.

Savage defined the mega-watt personalities of the 1980s World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). He wore sequined robes bejeweled with "Macho Man" on the back, rainbow-colored cowboy hats and colorful bandanas and oversized sunglasses, part of a unique look that helped build the WWF into a mainstream phenomenon.

For most of his career, his valet, Miss Elizabeth, was by his side. The woman, Elizabeth Hulette, was his real-life wife at the time. They later divorced, and Hulette died in 2003 at 42 in what was later ruled a prescription drug overdose.

Savage's death was not the first to catch the wrestling world by surprise.

Chris Benoit killed his wife and son and then committed suicide in their Georgia home in 2007; Benoit was 40.

Eddie Guerrero was 38 when he died of a heart attack in 2005 after a history of alcohol and drug problems.

Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig died of a cocaine overdose in 2003 at 44. That same year, Michael "Road Warrior Hawk" Hegstrand died from a heart attack at 46. He had battled alcohol and drugs, as well as steroids.

In 1999, wrestler Owen Hart, 33, was killed when he fell from an apparatus as he was being lowered into the ring from the ceiling of Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Mo.

The WWF made Savage their champion after a win over Ted DiBiase in the main event at WrestleMania in 1988.

Savage had not appeared for a major wrestling organization since 2004, when he performed for Total Nonstop Action.

He was at times both the most popular and most hated wrestler in entertainment. His flying elbow off the top rope was mimicked by basement and backyard wrestlers everywhere. Savage made good use of his deep, raspy voice as a corporate pitchman as well, for years ordering Slim Jim fans to "Snap into a Slim Jim!"

He's most known for his legendary rivalries with Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair. Wrestlers took to Twitter to let fans know Savage won't be forgotten.

"There's probably five or six of us, with Andre (the Giant) and Hogan and thankfully myself and Flair, that, when their names pop up, even if you're not a fan, you know who in the hell these people are," said former wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. "You say, `I know this guy. I know Macho Man Randy Savage.' He was part of that breed. We lost a good one."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hailed Savage as one of his childhood inspirations and heroes, while Mick "Cactus Jack" Foley called Savage "one of my favorite performers."

Hogan said he and Savage had just started talking again after 10 years.

"He had so much life in his eyes & in his spirit, I just pray that he's happy and in a better place and we miss him," Hogan wrote.

While so many personalities who left the WWF for WCW like Hogan, Roddy Piper and Mean Gene Okerlund were welcomed back to the company and even inducted into the Hall of Fame, Savage never returned.

Rhodes said Savage had prudently saved his money and was content to remain out of the spotlight.

"He was a recluse, almost," Rhodes said by phone. "Whatever he was doing, he wanted that privacy. Yeah, he was out of the picture for 10 years, but he didn't want to be in the picture."

Savage was a minor league catcher in the 1970s for St. Louis and Cincinnati before turning in the uniform for tights. His father, Angelo Poffo, was a longtime wrestler, and his brother, "Leaping" Lanny Poffo, was also a 1980s WWF mainstay. Condolences from fans poured in to Lanny Poffo's Facebook page on Friday.

Funeral arrangements were not immediately available.


Follow Harry R. Weber at


AP Sports Writer Dan Gelston in Philadelphia contributed to this report.

It's a sad day when the Macho Man bites the dust.

+ Custodes in Plastic: Squad Deux +

Hello Intertubez,

Just a little show and tell to show the progress on squad deux. These guys are the push up close incinerator squad who will be the tip of the spearhead (the most sensitive part) and will ride in a Rhino so they can open up dual incinerators out of the hatch if need be.

Since the incinerators are free for purifiers this squad is the cheapy of the troops choices so I threw in the hammer and falchions, not only to make some other weapons model-wise besides guardian spears but to give this squad the extra close-combat flippy-ness and punch I want them to have.

Again with the heavy/special weapons I wanted to go with the elongated design seen in the terminator Custodes art. Although I like the incinerator 'head' so much I didn't want to put a dragon head on there even though I probably should have but I think it works. There is also another incinerator dude who is kneeling but I sole him from my dark angels army and he wasn't photographing too well so he'll show up when I post all the group shots in the near future.

Here is the falchion buddy, if he looks familiar it's because it's part of the lack Reach Captain. I decided to only give him one little sword and one regular sized one because I think it looks pretty cool and to just mix it up a bit.

anyways comments and feedback are always welcome and I will post a revised list up again soon taking into account what models I have, want to buy and the input from last post about my v.1.0 list. Thanks for taking some Buddy Times.

Friday, May 20, 2011

+ 1750 Custodes (Purifiers list) +

Alright everyone here is the list I am working towards for my Custodes army. I would like some feedback from any of the more game oriented players out there as I tend to more the hobby/fluff side of things.

It is a purifiers list but I also threw in a squad of interceptors, so I could make Custodes 'jet-bikes' as well as squad of terminators, which I have not started on yet, and a dreadnought. This way I feel I have a semi-competitve tourney list but also am rocking out all of the variations on the Custodes that I have seen in the art that represents them. Like the image above: the jet-bikers on the left without powered armour, the termies in the middle and the 'regular' Custodes on the right

a little sneak peek of the jet-bikers, more soon

Onto the list, 1750:
+Crowe 150

+Librarian 180 maybe 215
Might of titan

+Techmarine 110
Conversion beamer

+Vindicare 145

+Interceptor squad 150

+Purifiers(x6) 175
Psi-cannon x2
Halberd x2
+Razorback 50

+Purifiers(x6) 175
Psi-cannon x2
Halberd x2
+Razorback 50

+Purifiers(x6) 158
Incinerators x2
Halberds x2
+Rhino 45
Warp feild

+Terminator squad 225

+Dreadnought 135
Autocannon (can be psyfleman or not)
Psi-bolt ammo

Again any feedback would be great and thanks for stopping by for some Buddy Times.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

+ WIP It! The goldknight onslaught continues: Who needs Castellan Crowe?

So the show and tell continues today with my 'counts as' Castellan Crowe. As I have said before I want my Custodes to be Marines++ and Purifiers seems like the way t give them that extra edge over standard Marines, and once I give them all Halberds and whatever they end up being as cost effective as strike squads, I think. I know Crowe is a terrible HQ but I feel like if accomandeers a a vehicle and either hides in my back field as the ultimate F-U counter assault with his sacrifice power or as a suicidal uber model killer I think I can make him work.

Anyway onto the model:

He is rocking the arm mounted Storm Bolter and people may hate on this but I feel like the Grey Knights had have taken that design from somewhere and with Horus' claw, and some other examples, the concept of wrist mounted bolters was not unheard of in the Heresy era, and I think it look pretty sweet.

He is made of:
There are also some random eagle and wing bits from wherever they're from as well

Anyway comments and criticisms welcome, thanks again for stopping by for some Buddy Times, buddies.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

+ WIP It! MK I Rhino Conversion, and GW in Resin +

Hello Everybody once again,

Just wanted to let you guys see the rhno that will go with the first squad of Custodes I have been working on. I tried to make it have some old-skool flavor by making a new front plate, and I may try to figure a way to make the round side doors as well but I have not yet figured a way to cut perfect circles out of pasti-card, although I tried to miserable result.

This is the “sword squad” as you can see the sword icons all over it, and I am working on a “hammer squad” rhino as well. Really these are just ways to give the squads markings so I know who's supposed to be were which can be difficult for an army were each squad will essentially all be very similar to one another.

I also tried to make the hatches look pre-heresy by flipping the tops upside down and adding in some IG handles to it.

That also brings me to my next point which is that I would actually like to run these as Razorbacks occasionally but Razors are not pre-heresy, So question for the blogisverse: could it be an exceptable excuse that even though Marnie chapters did not use razors could the Custodes with their access to cool tech have been fielding proto-pre-heresy-razorback-type-rhinos? Or am I trying to create a fluff theme but with a competitve edge, and that is really the problem?

Also: news flash for those who have not yet looked at any forum or various other blogs GW finally decided to tell everyone what is up with the metal famine that's been going on and the solution is resin!

Part of me dreads the price hike that will be accompanied by the Finecast range but the potential for GW to release Forge World level detail in the future definitely has me a bit excited.... So my opinion is mixed a little bit miffed at ANOTHER price hike on what were already expensive metal models but I am stoked at the potential for quality increase n the future and resin is way nicer to work with them metal IMHO, but only time will tell the full repercussions of this move.

...and as a final pimpin' for the community of bloggers I wanted to mention that the guys over at Wolfs for the WolfGod are having a give-away for their one-hundredth post. So go check them out and congrats guys for reaching the 100 mark.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

+WIP it! Custodes Librarian with Servo Skulls+

So the Custodes continues on their way. Today I am showing the Librian I made as an HQ for my 'Gold Knights' army; aka Custodes count as Grey Knights. There to my knowledge is not a piece of art depicting a Librarian so I again improvised and tried to echo other themes in the army or artwork.

One of the main features of the Custodes Terminators is the old-skool styled shoulder pads, and those were made using some of the extra leg guards from the Dark Angels upgrade sprue. Another smaller detail is the kinda Roman style strips that hang down from the shoulder pads which I made using the bit that comes in the Space Marine Captain set, but if I end up making the five more termies I want in the army I need to figure out a way of fabricating them out of plasti-card strips or something.

Obviously the cape was a no-brainer to give him some gusto and have him fit the rest of the force. I blinged him up with a bunch of eagle wings and what-nots, but really this is probably going to be the least converted model in the army since their is nothing really changing the core model besides adding stuff to him.

So there he is if anyone has feedback I am happy to hear it.

Now onto the Servo-skulls, one of the secret reasons I want to use this model, and I may even be throwing in a Tech-Marine to take more as well.

Here's the first three, I wanted to make cool little mini-dioramas and have the skulls kinda sneaking around or whatever they do... Float I guess

Here's two more that I have, the one on the left is the devastator one with Dark Angel wings on his head, it works well so I don't have any doubles. I have one final skull to complete but he requires painting before assembly so I'll show him when I get some paint on him.

Always thanks for stopping by the Buddy Times and see you next time.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

+WIP It! Custodes in Plastic+

Hello Intertibes,

So here is the main project I have been working on for the past little while. It's the custodes if you didn't notice, and with the new Grey Knights book I finally feel like there is a rules set that could do them justice. I am planning on running a Crowe list so that all these guys can be purifiers. After doing the math to give basically every dudem a halberd it just does not seem cost effective to not just take Crowe and get all those juicy, cheap upgrades as part of your troops choice.

I know many of you will say trike Squads are better, and that may be true, but if you have been reading this blog at all in the past you may have noticed I am a pretty big fluff bunny so I don't care that I may not be working with an optimized list. I want each Custodes to be awesome and the I6 halberd, A2 base seems to give them the extra boost over rank and file marines the fluff dictates they should have IMHO.

A couple modeling things:

  1. Although the Guardian Spears are modeled with only a Bolter I feel they could 'count as' a storm bolter
  2. yes I gave them back-packs. I know most of the art does not have them in back-packs but some of the art does have them sporting back-packs and honestly the back-pack is such a 'marine' thing that I felt weird not having them there, the back-packs that is (wow can I write back-pack any more in one bullet point?)
  3. I also had to come up with a method of including heavy weapons and look as I may none of the art show standard Custodes with a heavy weapon that I could find. The terminators are depicted with those crazy long flamer thingys and I thought I would copy the long barrel theme and put that into my heavies to stay within the feel of the artwork.
  4. Lastly I also included a hammer guy in the squad, in the fluff it often says that although the Guardian Spear is 'standard' for the Custodes they also have access to all manner of restricted wargear so I figured throwing a few hammers into the mix wouldn't hurt anything, and from a game perspective I think they are going to be clutch.

Right now I am just gonna throw up some pics I will do a more in depth break-down of all the bits used in a near-future post, but anyway enough blabbing and here's some show and tell:

Hammer Cap'n slowly, calmly, walking up to some traitor to give 'em the old hammer-to-face treatment

Family shot of the first five, I think I will add at least a sixth man to each squad (probably a second Heavy)

Speaking of heavies this is the model that I feel will get the most weird looks but as I have said I needed to figure a way to model these guys into the army and I really dig the long neck with gryphon head guy he is sporting, it will function as a Psi-cannon (which is basically an assault cannon)

Anyway if you have read this far thank you and feedback is most welcome. I have more were this came from and will keep putting more pics as I take them. Thanks for having some Buddy Times over here.

+Smoke Blood for the Blood God: Khorne Lord Zhufor

Hello Tubez and welcome to the buddy times.

After this whole Blogger thing happened it kinda threw a wrench into my program but no sweat My long over due hobby show and tell continues with the Forge World piece Khorne Lord Zhufor

I've had this guy around for awhile but I did some finishing touches to him and He is all wrapped up in my opinion. I mainly run him as a 'counts as' Abbaddon in my World Eater themed list, but really that is just an excuse to use this sweet model in game.

Not much to say, with al the awesome Forge World detail on this guy he was super fun to paint

On the cape I wanted to go for a really weathered and dirty thing, I don't think a blood crazed psychotic who considers human remains jewelry to be overly obsessed with cleanliness. I acheived this color by stippling a bunch of different shades mixed between Bone and burnt seinna tan color (bubonic brown?), I am away from my paints at the moment but both are the GW versions and I watered them down very alot and just did layer after layer of stippling. I think the effect comes across very nicely and am looking forward to trying a toned down version in red on my Custodes that I will be posting some WIP pics of in the next day or two.

Anyway thanks for stopping by for some buddy times and we'll see you on the flip side.

Ps, this dudem is going to end up on E-Bay as well, I am trying to do some spring cleaning but want to document all my models before I send them off to the netherworld to do battle without me.

+Forgeworld Dreadnought, Take 2+

well after discovering that Blogger ate two of my posts I am just reposting these pics of my Forgeworld Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon and Bladed Combat Arm
I had mentioned in the other post how the gun arm is magnetized so it can easily be switched around with other options if one should choose.

I had a pretty interesting post about this model I promise but with the Blogger fiasco I will just throw up the pics and maybe talk abut it more later.

thanks for looking

Thursday, May 12, 2011

See me... Vampire Lord Vlad Von Carstein

Hello the united nations of the interwebs,

Just wanted to share a little fantasy action for all y'all it's Vampire Count Vlad. I actually shared some dark and crappy pics of this model awhile ago but I just wanted to test my new photo set-up and it is working well it seems.

So onto the model.
I painted him up in a semi-metallic red armour, and a kind of greenish skin hue which I think looks unique but goes well with the rest of the model. I did the blood on the sword using some Tamiya Clear Red paint which when mixed with a drip of black ink makes some of the most realistic blood I has ever been able to create or have even seen actually. (got to give credit to Lonewolf on the Throne of Skulls Forum)

I gave him some crazy red pupils which are almost not visible to the naked eye but really pop in this picture.

and to round out he show and tell a little shot of the junk in the trunk... in this case a big furry cape with ghost faces emerging fro the folds.

Anyway not alot of chit chat today just wanted to drop some pics of this model that actually show off some of the detail. Also this guy is also going up to the chopping block at Ebay so if you want a sweet HQ for your Vampire counts army or Mordheim gang or whatever let me hook you up!

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