Sunday, January 2, 2011

+Completed Guardsmen: take two+

Hey everyone back again, again

So I dug out some lights I had out in the shed and took a couple more pics, I have also adjusted the expose and some other settings to try and make it look the closest to real life. The problem with the color scheme I'm working on is that the colors are very similar to one another but are distinctly different from one another. Just now when I was taking this last batch of pics I had the thought that this is almost like a Boba Fett quality to their armour, but darker then his.

Anyways as always thanks for checking the Buddy Times


+First Guardsmen: mostly complete+

Hello Tubes,

Alright Anti-pope here's a painted model for your personal amusement. No really I'm ust kidding, after I posted the last pics I realized I wasn't actually showing much, so I just banged this dude out and here he is my first actually 'complete(minus little clean-up on the face and painting the base the rest of the way)' Guardsmen. He's been awhile in the making but I feel like I have it worked out so they should fly pretty quick. I am trying to keep quality and ambience up while keeping time to actually paint them down.

The things I have added/completed since last post:
Armour has been second stage highlighted and battle damaged
I did the skin tones trying to stay in that sickly off white color
and I gave them a little red triangle to make them match the tanks better.

Anyway I hope the color is a little more visible on these models and would love more c&C thanks everyone again.



Saturday, January 1, 2011

+WIP IT: Traitor Guard Models with paint on them+

Happy New Year Tube Heads,

Hope you'ree al home safe after a long night of debachery.

Anyway thought I would throw up a little WIP IT shot of my paint scheme. I know its been awhile since I posted my first test mini shots and the color scheme has changed a bit. It's more contrasty (in comparision to the old version) and uses a couple more colors. These are in no way close to finished but I wanted to show the colors of the armour, the fatigues and the boots.

I think its still a bit hard to make some of the color I boosted the contrast to help but its only a close approximation. I used the airbrush to spray the first colors onto the whole model which was black and black grey from Vallejo Model Air range, then I brushed onto the armour plates Charadon Granite and washed the boots, belt or anything leather as well as the Lasgun with a heavy Badab Black washes, 2 or 3 layers depending. Used the heavy washes to still keep the highlight/shadows the airbrush creted ut wanted those leather pieces of kit to be much darker so using the wash as a glaze I think acheived that effect.

And finally you can see I sloppy and quickly added the first line highlight onto the carapace armour, which will get another lighter strip of highlight ontop probably straight codex grey, this first one is 2-1 Charadon Grantie with Codex Grey (I dilute all my paints with Flo-aid-water, the mix ratio is just for the paint)

Let me know what you guys think so far I think I'mm finally on the right path, but let me know I am going to try and get some color on their skin soon-ish so I will keep the updates rolling.


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