Saturday, July 16, 2011

+ WIP IT! Chicken Dread in Yo Face +

Hello Intertubes,

Hope all is well out there in the warp and welcome back to another edition of Buddy Times. Today I wanted to dropsome hobby WIP's on that backside. I call it the chicken pattern Dreadnought and he is for my Custodes army that I am making some good progress on. So have a look and sorry that he has been primed black, I though I had already taken ics of him but I hadn't.
I wanted to give him height to match some of the old pre-heresy art, and I happened to have a sentinel and an Assualt on Black Reach dread laying around so viola! Chicken Dread in da house.

Here's a shot so you can see how the legs fit and add so much hieght.

I put the power plant from the sentinel on him to mix it up a bit.

And finally a comparison shot so you can see how tall he is com[pared to one of my Custodes and a basic marine.

Well what does everyone tink? Is it going in a good direction? I will showcase the arms in another post, I just completed a new autocannon conversion for the right arm that I am pretty into so I wil try and get some pics of that up soon as well. Anyways thanks for stopping by and I hope a little Buddy Times made your day 1% better overall. Cheers

Saturday, July 2, 2011

+ WIP IT! Custodes Guardian Squad gets some Acrylic Love +

Hello everybody out on the tubes,

Just wanted t drop a quick show and tell to let everyone know that Hashshashin does paint, even though I clearly enjoy modeling and building better. Anyhow this a mid-way WIP of Squad A, or Squad Sword as they are marked on their Rhino.

The Gold is airbrushed three colors of: Shining Gold from GW, Gold fro m the Vallejo Model Air line, and lastly a light dusting of Bright Brass from Model Air as well. All of these are over a brown base coat.

Then the whole thing is washed with GW Sepia to re-goldify it and blend the Air Brush layers, afterwhich I will add line highlights of gold or Bright Brass dependeing on the local. The Red is still in progress, and will be getting a bit more Blood Red before I do some washing and weathering along the bottom edge wear the robes/capes would be dragging on the ground.

^ This guy is the only one who I have started on the face .^ So far it's is just the GW foundation flesh color (I forget the name and don't feel like descending into the dungeon right now. maybe Tallarn flesh or something???). The faces are so small that I don't think they will be that hard to paint but I am curious how it will look because it is the only flesh on the model and is teeny-tiny.

So here's the last two guys in the squad, another Halberd and the counts-as Psi-Cannon dude.

Anyways always looking forward to any comments or criticism. Particularly is the gold "gold" enough? I think it works and is unique to most other golds I have seen, which was one of the goals. Thanks again for stopping by for Buddy Times and we'll see ya on the tubes.

Friday, July 1, 2011

+ Just When You Thought You Owned Enuff Dreadnoughts...

... ForgeWorld goes and blows your mind through your backside, and all you can do is bend over and hand them your wallet...

Seriously, I will have to buy this now. It may be awhile because Hashshashin's on broke status but rest assured within the next six months she will be mine, oh yes, she will be. check out more pics and stuff at ForgeWorld's web-location

anyways cheers, and I will have some painting WIPs of my Guardian units up soon.

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