Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Story Time & Product Review: Honoured Imperium

Hello Inter-Tubez,

Back again and I stil got more planned for later this week. Finally feel like I've figured more what this blog should be for me and hopefully for you all as well.

Anyway onto business, its story time:
I recently won a small 500 pt tourney type event at a LGS here in Colorado. One day I just stopped into this shop and when I asked about 40K they said they were hosting a "tournament" on the weekend $5 bucks to enter winner takes gift card equal to total amount collected. A 500 pt tourney, I thought ok... 500 pts is a strange sized game to play but using the new BA codex and my good ol' trusty World Eaters models I was able to field a nice (and pretty cheesy) counts as army.

My list:
Libby w/ blood lance ++to assist in killing heavy armour(un-khorne-like I know)
1x 5-man assault sqaud in LAND RAIDER!!! ++my Supa-Cheez unit, basically won the entire event++
1x 5-man sqaud of scouts with sniper rifles ++to assist in killing M. Creatures, etc++

And that's all...

The Land Raider's presence totally unbalanced everything at 500 pts, in retrospect I probably should have realized these guys weren't super well played, but oh well it was a good time all around and even the one guy I faced who literally couldn't hurt my LR at all had a fun time. And at such low points the games were super short. Played four games came out with 3 wins and a draw so I won the grand prize of $25, which brings me to the point of the post:

So costing in at $24 and change this fit the bill for something I could buy with the winnings and only spend like a buck (taxes) or something. I was pleasantly surprised by the size and thickness of the casting, some of the details are a little 'blurry' but not bad at all (nothing like the Blastscape* fiasco). This one of the Kits that GW has made in China, like the Fortress, the skull thingy, and the Battle board (I think?). I attribute the (relative) inexpensiveness and the loss of some detail to this fact.

Opening this box up you're greeted with 2 sprues, one with the statue on it and the other one with the Aquilla and the building rubble thingy, as well as the statue's head which was just rolling around in the box.

Overall, I really like this kit, actually more then I thought I would, and again the size and bulk of the statue especially is quite nice. I will be using at least the rubble and the Aquila on my display board for the Hashshishian 113th.

I give this kit a 4/5 it's pretty cheap for the volume of plastic and gives you a couple different types of terrain that can easily be intergrated with GW and DIY terrain pieces. All of the pieces are useful, even the little-ish rubble pile is actually a decent size. Really the statues would look good as a pair (O.o) but I doubt I'll get another one of these so I guess my marine dood will just have to hang alone....

Hope that was helpful, and as always C&C are welcome and appriciated.


*Many people were pretty upset that the nice pictures of the terrain are actually the resin masters and have a considerable more amount of detail than the vacu-suck-formed reality of the pieces, I still like them overall and use them regularly on our table but GW did pull a pretty rough bait-n-switch on us...

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