Tuesday, August 31, 2010

+WIP it! Fortress of Redemption+

Welcome back to the Buddy Times Every-tuber,

Was just gonna show you guys a quick WIP it! pics of the Fortress of Redemption I'm working on in my spare hobby time (read: really, really free not that often). But I'm hoping to just put a little time to complete the dang fence, and tower-thing so we can use it in the upcoming Campaign (I will be posting about it more in detail shortly).

For those who haven't seen this beast in person that red line is an 18in GW Wippy-Stik
And the first pic just shows the bulk of the whole thing.

^Large Phallic tower, in all its glory^

Trying to go for a concrete stone type look, not totally finished but I think with some Develon Mud washes it'll be good to go.

And now with Airbrush super power I think I can do a couple of cool things with the MASSIVE angel statue on each of the four sides of the tower. I have held off going beyond this point because I wasn't quite sure what to do with all that real estate. I'm still not but between the Airbrush and the campaign I gotta figure something out, so I'll keep you guys posted.


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

+Two Guys Painting: In just a couple hours+

Yo just a reminder:

Two Guys Painting, Check it Out at 8pm Mountain time, so about two hours from now!

John Henry and myself both have a couple of painting projects lined up and I'm going to work on using some Green Stuff to make hair for some of my traitor guard. Also, some Battle Rep action, So join the painting party in progress at Two Guys Painting


ps. I have no clue as to why everything is underlined an no time to deal so sorry. :)

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Tonight's Show

Make sure to tune in to at 8:00 pm mountain time, Sunday Aug. 29th. FOR TWO GUYS PAINTING

Friday, August 27, 2010

+Freaky Freaky Transport gets more paint+

Hello everyone out in the interwebs,

So quick wanted to remind everyone that this Sunday at 8pm Mountain time is another exciting installment of Two Guys Painting we got some nice things lined up to share and also a couple topics as well, so join the painting party in progress from your house and chill with the Buddys and paint some buddys.

Now that I've got the sameless plug out of the way I wanted to give a progress update on the prototype for my vehicle paint-scheme, I think I like it alot, but I'm not sure I'll get some pics of my tezt infantry model and put them together to see what people think I would love some feedback from people.

I created the disruptive pattern using an airbrush technique of shading each panel of armour on the tank seperatly. I started with a nice black tank and feathered Codex Gray about 2/3 down each panel shielding or masking with tape the other panels and finally adding a final shade of Dheneb Stone to finish off the three color base scheme.

For the 2nd layer of the color scheme, the red tiger stripes, I laid down a smooth layer of Mechrite Red and feathered Blood Red pver it. and finished with a mix of Blood Red and Macharius Solar Orange to finish off the highlighted and brightest areas. I also switched the direction the highlight are facinhg at this step, I am not sure I'll do this on all the tanks I just wanted to see how it would come out, but I do like it.

I chose to go with the tiger stripes because I just started to get images of triangles in my mind when I was brainstorming patterns and I figures that tiger stripes were the best way to have triangles but still utilize some of the painting real estate on the top of the Chimera model. By linking the two sets of triangles on the opposite sides of the vehicle it creates a cool striped thing and I like that.

I also used the stripes to conceal a couple of errors from the first wave of spraying, so that is nice too. Now I'm going to use various weathering techniques to conceal the mistakes from this stage. So thats nice.

So let me know if I'm onto something or if you think this looks like crap, and remember two guys painting this Sunday, our super duper battle report will hopefully be ready in time and if not 100% complete enough to really give you guys an idea of what we think is possible.


Smoke Blood For Blood God

Thursday, August 26, 2010

+Air Brush is happy: make me happy+

Hello everybody,

Had a crazy busy week so far but I have been able to shoehorn in a bit of painting and buddy time so I thought I share my newest work from the dungeon. Air Brush City all the way.

Just working on some techniques and this is a WUP shot I plan on doing asome type of tiger striped camo/di pattern on it which will also have the extreme three shade highlights I think the effect is going to blow my mind.

And here's a sloppy WIP pic of a DA successor I sprayed up and am now brushing in some finer details, so more pics when he nears or is completion.

On the Two Guys Painting front we will return for our second week and do some painting as well as talk hobby, news and maybe I'll talk a bit ore about the airbrush. and just generally have some Buddy Times. So please check us out Sunday at 8pm MST.


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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

+Heads Up: Ultramarines Trailer Out

Hello Tuber-webz,

Just a quick new flash the Ultramarines trailor is up, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it yet, I definitely will watch the movie, no doubt, but I'll just post the video and let people decide for themselves so check it here

I'll post a proper blog entry here in the next day or so I've just been in high gear between the road trip and everything happening here on the home front as well.

Also dove right in with 'Two Guys Painting' and John Henry and myself just finished a game that hopefully will be a pilot version of our upcoming battle reports.

So again sorry its been a bit spotty but things will settle down and get some serious blogging done. Till next time'


Sunday, August 22, 2010

+preview and T-minus 5 minutes till Launch+

So here's a little quick preview and if you're chillin at home and want some digital buddy times come check us on 'Two Guys Painting'

Hope to see you over there, we're just drinking blood and smoking coffee over here to get ready.



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+Tonight Watch Two Guys Painting

Hey everyone The Buddy Times is launching our new web-show, if you have free time come check it at Ustearm "Two Guys Painintg" tonight at 8pm mountain time live. really excited and hope people will join us for some hopefully entertaining banter and painting.

Hope to see you there!


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

+ I Now Own an Airbrush+

Hello everyone out in the tube-lands,

Today I beacame the happy owner of an airbrush. Needless to say I'm totally stoked on it and am just now re-organizing the man-cave to also function as an airbrush nook.

I purchased the Iawata HP_CS gravity fed guy, just holding it is pretty damn sexy (pardon my boyhood excitement) and I'm really looking forward to joining the ranks of 4oK hobbyists who are currently rocking air. Any way I'll keep everyone posted as developments occur.

On another exciting front John Henry and myself are going to be hosting a live U-Stream Show called "Two Guys Painting" starting tomorrow night at 8pm mountain standard time. It gonna be a split screen of us boith painting while we shoot the breeze about the hobby, and other off topic discussion, hopefully it will be alot of fun and like bringing a painting party into your house. So please join us for that, and I'll post more specific details tomorrow so stay tuned.

Also a quick show and tll here's just a couple of quick objective markers I maade for an upcoming campaign we here at The Buddy Times are going to be playing. I wanted somethin sutably generic and also could be used to represent a stragem from some of the 'campaign styled books like Cities of Death and Planetstrike.

^Everybody loves fossil fuels right?^

^Also you gotta love bullets, and stuff, right?^

Till next time cheers,

PS: Check out "Two Guys Painting" tomorrow @8Pm

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Friday, August 20, 2010

+Quick Update: Way Nicer Pics+

Hello Internetz,

Hey just got off the road and am back in Colorado... Finally. added about 4,ooo miles to the ol odemeter over the past week and am glad to be sitting at home.

Over the past couple of days I was in Milwakee Wisconsin and a buddy of mine had just gotten a new camera so we snapped some shots of a couple minis, some you guys have seen but I find these to be a little truer to the models so I hope you enjoy.


ps. we'll be back up to our regular posts soon, thanks again everybody who checks us out and we at the Buddy Times have a special announcement that will be ready soon.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

+French Toast of the Week!+

Here it is:


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Tourney

What's up busters? So a few weeks ago I played my first Warhammer 40k tournament. You might have read about it in Hash's post. He took best painted (adeptus of mars, I think). I took home a big bag of humiliation. Not really, I had tons of fun and didn't really commit my mind entirely to the game. So I wasn't hurt when I got my blue-tide-ass handed to me, by not one, two, but three corrupted armies of the taint...chaos. Thousand Sons, Demon swarms, and some World Eaters (a la Blood Angels). Not only was it my first tournament but also the first time I've ever played anyone but close friends. Weird huh. I got out of my living room bubble and it was great.

I ran my one and only Ultramarines 4th Company army, here pictured. This was the 1850 list I used for the tournament. After playing it and thinking about it, there's major reworking I plan on doing. Mainly dropping the Devs, and taking a command squad for the captain (which I'm currently modeling, Hash, where's my power sword!). Also trying to squeeze in another Dreadnough or maybe a vindicator. Options, Options, Options. Other then that the core of the army is great. The three Tact squads, the Ven. Dread, and Captain always perform well.

Anyway. Yeah I run vanilla-ass Marines but I would play no other army. So mad props to Total Escape Games, in Broomfield, for running the tournament, and what's up to all the players. I look forward to crushing you Rommel style next time. Peace.

John Henry out

Monday, August 16, 2010

+Freaky Freaky APC+ Psyker Muties needed a ride


Just wanted to throw up some pics of my Psyker Mutie's ride, the Prison style Chimera. I wanted hte inside to have a cannabilistic mutants are trapped in there feel. During the painting process I'm really going to push my weathering and layering skills on this one.

Having worked mainly on STC rhino and LR hulls the Chimera's interior is not sculpted but is very large and easily visible with the rear hatch open, so there's alot of real estate to work with in there.

I wanted the top hatch and possibly the rear door to have bars over them instead of the standard hatch to show off the freaky interior more even when the tank is all closed up.

Here you're getting the first glimpse of the inside, I thought a little meat for the freaks was appropriate so there's a Kroot leg o' man hanging in there from the ceiling, and I'll probably add more things to the ceiling, possibly a light hanging from a chain or whatnot.

I had this weird lizadman skull thing laying around and I thought it seemed like some heretical mutant psyker stuff and fit the vibe of what I was going for. There are also some chains and a little altar/shrine thingy in the rear as well as scattered mutant lunch remnants (bones and skulls).

So again please feel free to comment and tell me if it looks like you think it should, or not


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Sunday, August 15, 2010

+Psyker Mutie Scum...+ How can we use them as weapons?

Hello Tube Dwellers,

Hope all is well, I'm still on the road and in Richmond, VA again after a short trip to D.C. to visit some friends... All I have to say is Italians can drink, after polishing off more than 1.5 liters of wine with my lady's BFF's new Italian husband he broke out some crazy unpronounceable (to me anyways) ginger flavored Liquor which got me wasted quick like! Needless to say hung over Breakfast at The Diner more than hit the spot this morning before taking the baby to the DC Zoo to see all the caged animals.

But anyways on the way back south towards Richmond we swung by the venue of the NOVA Open but we missed the action and it was looking pretty abandoned over there so didn't even get out of the car, oh well maybe next year....

So show and tell time for everyone to enjoy (hopefully), so onto the buddys:

After some contemplation I decided to use Fantasy Ghouls as my Mutie Psyker 'counts as' Psyker Battle squad, and here they are. They really aren't converted at all but I figured they look sutabley freakish and could not be confused with ANY other unit in my army so that works for me.

^This guy is giving you the scrunt eye^

^He's creeping up on you...Look out!^

^Here's the Mutie Wrangler, more than happy to execute^
any of the Muties if they start acting strange

^And as always the whip keeps muties in line^

Anyways I'll post more WIP's as I go.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Friday, August 13, 2010

+Heads Up! = Forge World is at it again

Hey all,

Just a quick news flash from the road, Forge World is at it again with all the Mareenz upgrade paks, and man are they pretty dern cool looking. I was a pretty big fan of the Umbra Ferroxpattern bolters but I got to say these new Phobos Pattern ones are even cooler in my opinion. They really seem like a fusion of some of the older models from the Rogue Trader and 2nd ed. days with some of the more modern 'realistic' designs.

Also Mk V [see above], and the much loved 'Beakies' MK VI

Well, I'm still in VA and just realized the NOVA Open is only like 30 minutes from where I am, so I'm going to try to talk the lady into stopping by there on our way up to D.C. So if the Warboss permits there will be a field report in the next day or so.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Thursday, August 12, 2010

+Blood Smokers: Pics and List+

Blood Priest leads the charge!

Hello all y'all tube heads,

I'm on the road right now but me and the family just drove from Colorado to Virgina, so I'm a bit tired. But I didn't get a chance to post yesterday so I'm gonna throw up something for you guys. Here's the basic list for my Blood Smokers Legion of Khorne, which uses the Blood Angels Codex to supply its rules, but uses Khorne Berserkers and Chaos Marines to supply the models, cheesy? I don't think so because its still either solidly 'counts as' or is clearly WYSIWYG.

So here's some pics:

Family portrait

'ere's a shot of the Baal Pred with some basic weathering

It's....... Spikey!

Kinda Action Shotty... Run Mutha Ukkas, Run!

and the basic list:
Saquatch Kharne (Mephiston) [Pic at top]

Priest x3
1=p. weapon
2=p. fist
3= P. fist and jump pack

Assault Squad x7 (+1 priest to = 8) In a Rhino and Infernus Pistol
Assault Squad x8 In a Rhino and Infernus Pistol
Assault Squad x7 (+1 Priest w/ P. Fist = 8) In Land Raider and Infernus pistol
Assault Squad x7 (+1 Priest w/ Jump pack and P. Fist) w/ jump packs and Meltagun

Fast Attack:
Baal Pred w/ Flamestorm

Vindicator w/ siege shield

Teeth of Khorne (devastators) x6 w/ 2x Lascannon

Also Check It!

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