Thursday, August 5, 2010

+Buddy Hobby Time, Buddy+

Hello Everyone,

Just some hobby thoughts today about adding personality and character to your units.

Lately whenever I model a squad I always try to give the sergeant a little extra personality. I then use his personality and perceived action to set a theme for the squad. This is a style I developed during the making of my DeathWing Army. The Fluff for the DeathWing is that only the most trusted most Bad-@$$ doods even even become 'normal' DeathWing. So this led me to the idea that the DW Sergeants Should be even more of that stuff (trusted, awesome, etc). So I went on a quest to collect every 'special' terminator I could get. Any captain, hero, Chaplain, Forge World models I could find I would convert into DeathWing Captains or whatever.

^He's pointing and they're all walking that way^

Anyway back to my point which is if the captain is walking then the squad should look like walking as well, or at least in motion. If the captain has a static look the squad will look good in static poses as well. I know some people prefer 'dynamic poses' and some people prefer more posey poses but I think they all work just within the context of the Squad. Granted that context can be expanded to include the whole army so that everyone is charging or whatever but from a strictly logistical point of view in every kit there's a couple sets of lees walking/running, and couple sets posing. Obviously there are exceptions to this like Assault marines but as a general rule I find this to be true with 40k kits.

^These guys are all bustin' Caps^

So this gives a great opportunity to look at the different bitz options you have available and make the squads have a unified feel. These guys are all holding up their Bolters and shooting, or these guys are just striking a victory pose after a hard fought win, and so on. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that you can't mix up the bits, nothing would be more boring then if every model was posed identically (that would be like... fantasy...;)).

^These guys are in the strike a pose camp^

^These are just some different sergeants from my DeathWing^

This idea has just been on my mind lately as I build this guard army because my intention in making this army is equally in making a effective gaming force as much as an awesome opportunity to really take my modeling to the next level...hopefully.



Smoke Blood for the Blood God

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