Wednesday, June 22, 2011

+ WIP IT! Legio Custdes Terminator: Take 1 +

Hello Intertubez,

Alright so now internet back online (It was down for a couple of days and I realized I am totally addicted to the intertubez) and borrowed a friends camera to get some shots of a odel I just finished a couple nights ago. He's the test run for my Custodes Terminators and I think it turned out pretty good.

So I have yet to see a picture of a terminator with a guardian spear but since the Grey Knight book doesn't allow Terminators to rock power fists I though it would fit the theme of the army to give him a Guardian spear but I put a stormbolter at the tip instead of just the regular bolter on the Power Armoured guys.

The main themes I chose to emphasize are the shoulder pads, the Roman styled armour strips that hang from the shoulder pads and off the waist, the pointed collar and the head/helmet style.

Overall I think it works pretty well and I have to say that the new plastic Grey Knight Termies are a nice kit with tons of extra bits. If you like terminators or hand to hand combat arms fr terminators or are starrting a true scale army this box rox.

aAnyways hope to get some more regular posts up now that I have got all my ducks in a rowe as far as camera usage and internets functionality.

Again thanks for having some Buddy Times and C&C is always welcome.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Grey Knight FA-Q is Up and Rolling!

Already ladies and Gentlemen,

The GK FAQ is posted and out there check it here: Grey Knight FAQ

Enjoy and post any comments on what you think... No shunt during scout is a bit of a bummer ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

+ Camera Malfunction and the Independent Character's Hobby Challenge ++

Hello Intertubez,

Hope everyone is well. I have been having some issues with my camera coupled with a lack of internet at the new man cave 3.0 'the Dungeon' makes having a photo driven hobby blog a bit difficult. I keep trying to think of clever insightful things to write that pertain to 4ok or the hobby in general, like some in-depth tactica, or an amaze-ballz insight into the downfall of GW based on their wicked and evil practices of being a for-profit business but I can never come up with such things that deserve anything more than the label of random 'thinking' rather than something to vomit forth unto the world...

Soon I will have a camera up and running (money permitting) or will be borrowing random cameras from friends until then and getting some updates on the Custodes as well. Finished a test model type guy and am going to start on Squads 1 & 2 soon. Sword and Hammer squad respectively. I also wanted to get some picks up of my new 3.o man-cave aka 'the Dungeon,' my finest-cast* man-cave thus far.

Anyway I digress thanks for coming by to share some buddy times and I wanted to let people know that I am also going to be joining the Independent Character's podcast's Hobby Challenge and the Custodes are going to be the doods of choice for my hobby goal. The goal is by next May I will have an 1850 completed (fully assembled and painted) and with my hobby ADHD I thought a little support like that would help me stay on target. Since I have a low model count that helps but since each model is so thoroughly converted that finishing the models alone is challenge and that is somewhat of a handicap. Overall I think it is going to be fun.

have a great day and keep the Buddy Times rolling.

*that's a joke... get it...

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