Friday, December 31, 2010

+Heads UP: Storm Raven Libby Dread Pics+

So was cruising Bolter and Chainsword and came across a couple of pics I wanted to share with you guys:
^Storm Raven^

^Libby Dread^

So was cruising Bolter and Chainsword and came across a couple of pics I wanted to share with you guys:

Also wanted to post link to the original place of posting go check it out: ForoFreakFactory

Happy New Year,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

+WIP IT: Legio Custodes part II+

Hello Internets,

welcome back to another edition of WIP IT!

Just wanted to share the progress I've made on my lastest side-track project. I'm going to keep this one brief but will do a big parts overview sometime very soon because this guy is an amgalm of many of my grade A bits.

Gave him a totally blinged out base, and I think it holds him well and my idea is that it puts him at an indoor location, like the Imperial palace.

Back shot to sshow tthe cape, and yes I know it's a little beat up but I want this guy to be in the thick of combat, so I think it works.

and just a little close-up hot off the base.

Any way ass always C&C would be ggreatly appriciated, what ddo you guys think?


Sunday, December 26, 2010

+WIP IT: Is that a Guardian spear+

...or are you just happy to see me?

Hello Intertubez,

Buddy times is back again with a little sidetrack WIP IT I've been working on. It's a Custodes, and I know he's not wearing his big pointy helmet. That is because I have yet to buy some high elf models so this head is just ticky-tacked on for now and I have to decide if this dude is rding dirty or if he wears his helmet.

I had been comtemplating modelling up some Legio Custodes ever since I saw US White Dwarf 300 with the Dave Taylor Custodes army in it, but have never really felt competent enough. Well apparently that feeling of inadequacy dissolving coupled with the rumors surrounding the new Grey Knight Codex (perfect 'counts as' Custodes as far as I can tell). I felt that I should start some character modelling and throwing ideas around. I always start with a character when I build a new army because that way if I don't like the look, feel, process, etc I can abandon the project without a huge amount of investment.

Also I love HeroHammer. Don't get me wrong I want there to be carnage all over the board but especially I want lots of action around the big personalities on the table. I guess thats the comic book/movie geek in me I want my heros to be completely bad-ass, and when my leader ends up in combat with the other guys leader I wanna see sparks fly and feelings to get hurt (feeling getting hurt is just a joke phrase used by my game group). I find the game more interesting that way, because I appreciate the focus on the personality of the army often embodied in the HQ or at least a particular squad, etc.

WIP IT: Legio Custodes

Here's a top down-ish shot of the Guardian Spear. It turned out pretty well I feel but would appreciate input if you all have any.

Little close-up of his shoulder insignia, the single headed Aquila. I will also use the two-headed eagle throughout as most art I have seen often includes one or the other and many times both, but I wanted to make his shoulder icon have the single head. You can also see I haven't filled in the legs so they appear smooth. I think I will only do it on the lower leg and leave the upper leg with the exposed supports, not sure yet.

Here's a shot of his 'Eligos Pattern' back-pack but this one has the eagle heads from the Space Marine Commander box instead of skulls. I haven't attached this yet as I need to work out a cape situation, whether that is sculpting it or kit-bashing it.

And finally I have this bit and I am curious if I should use it, it fits nicely and all, but what, if anything, do I need to do to the actual shape of the shield so it doesn't look like an =][= symbol. I had thought that maybe it could be as simple as to cut of the three little horizontal bars on there, but could use some input on this one.

Cool, well thanks everyone and hope you had a good holiday. Leave any input in the comments and as always Smoke Blood for the Blood God!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

+Incoming Vid Feed: The Badab War Q&A 3+

Hey all just a quick post to let ya'll know part three is up and here it is.

Also Badab War Part II is up for pre-order on ForgeWorld's website.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

+WIP IT: Chimera Interiors+

Hello Inter-tubez,

Happy holidays to everyone and I hope it's all working out well for everyone. Just wanted to show some actual hobby progress to everyone, I am still slowly chugging along on my Rebel Guard army, and now have eerything at least built into sub assemblies so that I can play an essentially WYSIWYG game. I will get a group shot tomorrow hopefully when I do some gaming with the homies, although I have been intending on doing that for the last three weeks of gaming, so we'll see.

What see up top and below are my Chimera interiors I made.

I did a little research back when I made the psyker mutie transport and it's interior and in the schematic drawings shown in the Imperial Armour books from the Forge World there is a wall between the troop compartment and the crew compartment. This made it easy when I had the idea that I would create full interiors for all the vehicles in this army. Since all I had to do was close off the front (just like a rhino) someone could open all the doors and have a look inside without seeing an empty box essentially.

These top two pics are for the Command Chimera. I wanted to give this one some extra bling and equipment, like the view screens I stole from a rhino and I put a filed down vox on the wall as well although I am not sure you can tell what it is it may just look like more doo-dads, which is really the point anyway.

And finally this one is the basic troop model. Very simple two benches and a spare las-gun. With the psyker muties transport looking like a charnel ground/prison and the command one with all the gadgets I though it only appropriate that the standard transport be totally bare-bones. (already primed this one black so I tweaked the F outta the curves so you can make out the inside)

Well Tell me what you guys think, should I add more or are they good to go? Have you ever wondered why GW didn't just make a piece to go there (just like a rhino)? Anyway happy holidays and I just took some pics of another side-track project I started and I will get those up soon.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

+Forge World Eldar & Incoming Vid Transmition 2+


Back again with an quick and easy re-post of some more ForgeWorld news a little sneeky peaky at some new Eldar Shadow Aspects and some more video love. It seems that Guard and Marineez aren't the only ones to get some infantry love, we'll have yo wait and see but based on ForgeWorld's previous forays into the 28 heroic infantry these Eldar will probably be amazing.

Anyway here's part two of their Badab War coverage and like I said FW pleease keep em coming!

Hoe you enjoyed.


Monday, December 20, 2010

+Incoming Vid Feed: The Badab War Q&A 1+

Hello InterTubez,

ForgeWorld just threw this video up on there website and I thought I'd put tit here for all the homies.

I think this is an awesome video and I really wish Games Workshop would follow FW's lead on this one and make more videos. GW, to there credit, has started doing the podcast design notes and whatnot but I would love to see a ton more of this type of media in relation to the hobby.



Friday, December 17, 2010

++Tron: Legacy++

Hello Interbloggispheres,

I hope everyone has been well the old Hashshashin's been in deep hiding taking care of family business, but I'm back and I want to try to ad create a post schedule thats less frequent then my bing, every single day posts and my famine no posts for a month cycle I find myself in.

Anyway not gonna talk about 40k today, I wanted to talk about Tron. I just saw the 12:01 3D IMAX last night and I gotta say it was pretty awesome. The 3-D wasn't particularly mind blowing by any means but the overall design and feel of the characters was superb and possibly the Tron-world is one of best and most cohesive design schemes I've seen ever, really.

As far as the plot is concerned I found it to be interesting and engaging although somewhat cheesy at points but never was it convoluted or forced it was as good, and even better, then can be expected for a Christmas-time thrill ride type flick. It had some Spiritual or philosophical tones that I appreciated as well as a straight forward plot.

The effects and action are top notch and really enjoyable to watch. The way the light ribbons trail off of the various vehicles not only looks amazing but it actually allows you to follow the action easily without confusion. I only mention this because I think other effects driven flicks sometimes are hard to tell what the hell is going on (transformers I looking at you!).

Overall I would say this film is a must see of the season and for this one the bigger the screen the better In my opinion, but don't sweat it if you can't catch in 3-D it didn't really have the awesome distance shots I was hoping for and nothing on par with some the crazy-ness seen in Avatar, but I liked Tron overall much more than Avatar. (I felt it somewhat necessary to compare these two)

Friday, October 8, 2010

+More Ultramarine news+

Hey Buddies,

Long time no post I know, but I didn't see this posted elsewhere so the Ultramarines movie dudes dropped another trailer: New Trailer Here. So again I'll leavre it up to you guys, but I have to say I think this is looking WAY more promisingf then that last piece of $hizznit.

So again leave comments if you want, but check it out.

Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Saturday, September 25, 2010

+WIP IT! Bombard!

Hello ubestays,

Hope all is well, just wanted to drop some WIP IT! pics of my top secret weapon, the Bombard from Forge World. I gotta say this thing is even cooler then I thought it would be. Although it has been a pain at some points with some pieces being warped and whatnot. but I didn't really expect anything easier so I am overall totally happy with this model.

In the top pic the cannon is literally just rested on top, here's a shot of the interior and below is a shot kinda from the top so you can get the idea of the model.

Also went ahead and bought the Bombard ammo box and shells. The model itself comes with one shell so now I have four and the cool little box. I will be basing this on a 40m and making it into another object token in the same vein as the gas and ammo dumps.

And finally I also have one other little wip here, its the planetary Governor model I've made as an objective in our upcoming campaign (which hopefully will start sooner then later). The model is just one of the IG advisor models based on a 40m to make it objective-token-like. Since in the fluff the Governor gets assassinated I thought it would be cool to put one of those Skull and bones signs from the mines, and booby trap set behind as some foreshadowing.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Friday, September 24, 2010

+Heads Up! = Forge World is doing it again at GD+

Yo everyonez,

Forge World is got some new hotness to frop at GD UK this year. There's been rumours of a Necron MC and maybe this is it or it could be shodows of things to come still. We'll have to stay tuned.

Experimental rules are here

Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Friday, September 17, 2010

+Color Modulation tutorial part 2+

Hello everyone,

Here's the part two video of my color modulation tutorial.
Hope you enjoy.

Also sorry about the Two Guys Painting fiasco, My internet connect was being a pain in the rear so we had to throw in the towel, next time we will hopefully be in a more secure internet hook-up apparently mine is not to be trusted, so oh well sorry and hope to see you next time


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Thursday, September 16, 2010

+Two Guys Painting: Tonight!+

Hello Tubes,

Tonight Two Guys Painting will return at 8pm Mountain Time, it's a show of two guys (+1 tonight) painting and talking smack. So if you want to listen to Off Topic banter and vulgarity come on over for about 90 minutes of painting time.

Also Check out part one of my crap-tastic tutorial on airbrush color modulation and if you like part 2 will be aired tonight on TGP:

So Two Guys Painting is here come check us and bring the painting party to your house!


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

+WIP It! Russ es Gets Tiger Styled+

Hello Interbuzez,

Just a quickie today, got in a bit of Air-Bro time in yesterday and this is the result:

A bit blurry on the pics, sorry about that but I just wanted to give you guys a quick glimpse of how the progress is happening. And in response to Frag Dad's comment on the last post I will try to film a quick Tutorial of how the magic happens with this color modulation technique, not only on the base vcolor but the tiger stripes as well. Hopefully get that videoed and post in the next couple of days.

Then as a quick final note:
Two Guys painting will likely return Tomorrow night around 8pm mountain time, this isn't 100% but I will drop a post to let people know what's up. This next episode (whether its thursday or not) will include the regular two guys painting bantor but will also likely include some pre-prepared video clips for everyone's enjoyment/amusement... so I'll keep the Buddy nation posted on the status.

Thanks for checking out some Buddy Times and see ya next time.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Monday, September 13, 2010

+WIP it! Leman Russ stage 1+

Hello everybody,

its been awhile since my last post, but I hope everone is well, I've just been super busy with regular life stuff so the hobby is still happening but the hobby of blogging about my hobby has taken a bit of a back-seat.

I'll start off with some show & tell then finish off with some deep thoughts I've been having lately.

So roll out the Russ. Again I'm working with a color modulation technique, this one a little less bright, and I like the darker grey look overall and will use that for the rest of the vehicles. The Chimera that is already colour coted is for the psyker battle squad so I think the fact that it is different works with the fluff and eliminates any confusion about who were on the table-top/battle-field.

They still will get the tiger stripes of red like the previous Chimera as well so thematically the army should tie together quite nicely.

Anyway onto the deep thoughts:

So I've been looking at Blogs a lot lately and I feel I fall into the same category which is that I am offering images and pictures of my latest projects but I don't really feel like I am necessarily adding anything unique to the discussion. I've thought about different avenues I could work with and nothing really jumps out.

So I'm left with the feeling that my blog although fun for me is really just an echo chamber for my own thoughts and not really adding to or, Iguess, enriching the hobby. So what do you think is just plugging along and blogging about my latelest model or list or game really something that people want or should blogs attempt to offer something more meaningful to the hobby world?


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

+Coming Down The Pipe+

Hello All,

Been Super busy lately but here's a quick glimpse of one of the things I've been working on.
A pair of Leman Russ Battle tanks, one new and one old skool styley. I think I'm going to leave the side plates off the old skool one, I feel it adds to the renegade feel. I do think I need to put something on the side, inside the tracks, but I'm not too sure what that should be. And that dude in the middle is one of the Guard Crewmen from GW, I will be giving him the dreadlock treatment to match the rest of my melta vet squad.

Any way I'll get some new pics taken of a couple things I've been picking away at, the Freaky Freaky ApC's interior is getting near done and I've gotten some more paint on the Fortress of Redemption as well so I'll get those posted in the next couple days.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Thursday, September 2, 2010

+WIP it! Color test for Traitor Guard+

Hello All Y'all (all Y'all is the plural form of Y'all, icyww),

Back again with another intallment of the Buddy Times, a place were grown men get out their little buddys and play with them, and paint them, and show them to each other. It's really about sharing.

So this week I wanted to share my WIP of a test model I'm working on, I think this is what I'm going to go with, as far as the Cloth and the base tone of the flesh. I think the cloth may need another highlight but I think maybe that can be corrected more easily during the initial painting then trying to back-peddle, so I'll likely let this little buddy ride and and try to allow more of the gray base-coat to show through on the next one.

I turned the Brightness up on this one to try and show some of the colors in the cloth, I would really appreciate any input on this one guys because I like it, but I am not 1oo% on it, and its a freakin' guard army so I don't want to paint 50 little guys then decide I don't like it, Ya' know?

Here's just a back shot, its hard to make out but there is a pretty nice ggray to black gradient on his vox pack thingy

Anyway let me know what you guys think please, and I'll post any further developments as they are happing.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

+WIP it! Fortress of Redemption+

Welcome back to the Buddy Times Every-tuber,

Was just gonna show you guys a quick WIP it! pics of the Fortress of Redemption I'm working on in my spare hobby time (read: really, really free not that often). But I'm hoping to just put a little time to complete the dang fence, and tower-thing so we can use it in the upcoming Campaign (I will be posting about it more in detail shortly).

For those who haven't seen this beast in person that red line is an 18in GW Wippy-Stik
And the first pic just shows the bulk of the whole thing.

^Large Phallic tower, in all its glory^

Trying to go for a concrete stone type look, not totally finished but I think with some Develon Mud washes it'll be good to go.

And now with Airbrush super power I think I can do a couple of cool things with the MASSIVE angel statue on each of the four sides of the tower. I have held off going beyond this point because I wasn't quite sure what to do with all that real estate. I'm still not but between the Airbrush and the campaign I gotta figure something out, so I'll keep you guys posted.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Sunday, August 29, 2010

+Two Guys Painting: In just a couple hours+

Yo just a reminder:

Two Guys Painting, Check it Out at 8pm Mountain time, so about two hours from now!

John Henry and myself both have a couple of painting projects lined up and I'm going to work on using some Green Stuff to make hair for some of my traitor guard. Also, some Battle Rep action, So join the painting party in progress at Two Guys Painting


ps. I have no clue as to why everything is underlined an no time to deal so sorry. :)

Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Tonight's Show

Make sure to tune in to at 8:00 pm mountain time, Sunday Aug. 29th. FOR TWO GUYS PAINTING

Friday, August 27, 2010

+Freaky Freaky Transport gets more paint+

Hello everyone out in the interwebs,

So quick wanted to remind everyone that this Sunday at 8pm Mountain time is another exciting installment of Two Guys Painting we got some nice things lined up to share and also a couple topics as well, so join the painting party in progress from your house and chill with the Buddys and paint some buddys.

Now that I've got the sameless plug out of the way I wanted to give a progress update on the prototype for my vehicle paint-scheme, I think I like it alot, but I'm not sure I'll get some pics of my tezt infantry model and put them together to see what people think I would love some feedback from people.

I created the disruptive pattern using an airbrush technique of shading each panel of armour on the tank seperatly. I started with a nice black tank and feathered Codex Gray about 2/3 down each panel shielding or masking with tape the other panels and finally adding a final shade of Dheneb Stone to finish off the three color base scheme.

For the 2nd layer of the color scheme, the red tiger stripes, I laid down a smooth layer of Mechrite Red and feathered Blood Red pver it. and finished with a mix of Blood Red and Macharius Solar Orange to finish off the highlighted and brightest areas. I also switched the direction the highlight are facinhg at this step, I am not sure I'll do this on all the tanks I just wanted to see how it would come out, but I do like it.

I chose to go with the tiger stripes because I just started to get images of triangles in my mind when I was brainstorming patterns and I figures that tiger stripes were the best way to have triangles but still utilize some of the painting real estate on the top of the Chimera model. By linking the two sets of triangles on the opposite sides of the vehicle it creates a cool striped thing and I like that.

I also used the stripes to conceal a couple of errors from the first wave of spraying, so that is nice too. Now I'm going to use various weathering techniques to conceal the mistakes from this stage. So thats nice.

So let me know if I'm onto something or if you think this looks like crap, and remember two guys painting this Sunday, our super duper battle report will hopefully be ready in time and if not 100% complete enough to really give you guys an idea of what we think is possible.


Smoke Blood For Blood God

Thursday, August 26, 2010

+Air Brush is happy: make me happy+

Hello everybody,

Had a crazy busy week so far but I have been able to shoehorn in a bit of painting and buddy time so I thought I share my newest work from the dungeon. Air Brush City all the way.

Just working on some techniques and this is a WUP shot I plan on doing asome type of tiger striped camo/di pattern on it which will also have the extreme three shade highlights I think the effect is going to blow my mind.

And here's a sloppy WIP pic of a DA successor I sprayed up and am now brushing in some finer details, so more pics when he nears or is completion.

On the Two Guys Painting front we will return for our second week and do some painting as well as talk hobby, news and maybe I'll talk a bit ore about the airbrush. and just generally have some Buddy Times. So please check us out Sunday at 8pm MST.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

Also Check It!

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