Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yo Tubez,

Just wanted to give a couple quick updates today.

First to go with my renegade guard I've conveted up some Mad Max styled HellHounds. I think the exposd turret gunner just really adds to the pshyco feel of the Hashshashonian 113th.

Conversion made using:

+ the Old Chimera Chassis (actually this was an old Basilisk, more on that another day)
+ Valkyrie Door Gunner w/ Flagellant head
+ Flamestorm cannon from a Land Raider Redeemer
+ and the fuel barrels are these ones from Tamiya (actually score 2 more boxes of these on clearence @ a big box for $1.70)

Next on the offering block is my Chaos Baal Predator for my Blood Smokers Legion of Khorne army. Why, you may ask? Because one flamethrowing tank isn't enough for the Buddy nation, we need >1 to be happy.

Basically its pretty straight forward. I'll give the break-down anywho though eh?

+ The other Flamestorm cannon from the Redeemer Kit
+ and some more fuel barrels from those great 1/35th Tamiya kits

As a side note that little panel on the rear is remoeable and the side doors are magnetized so I can filed this as any Rhino based vehicle pretty much.

As always thanks for looking and hope everyone's well


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  1. Looks good, my painting is coming along well, can't wait for the tourny this weekend.


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