Friday, March 26, 2010

Jerry Cans, Oh MY!

Hello everybody,
Hope everyones well, so earlier today I was cruising a local DIY hobby-shop and spotted this sweet little box of Jerry cans and fuel barrels from Tamiya in the model tank/car section. After seeing how great these are I'm going to go back and buy a set of sand bag emplacements they had there as well.

At 1/35 this models aren't completely the right scale for 4ok, and I've bought other sprues at 1/35 of pouches and bags, and they work but are a little off so only work in certain setting. Now these fuel cans don't have that issue at all these things are almost identical size to the GW battlefield accessories set (I'll get scale shots soon).


for around $5.00 this little box has three fresh cans and three dented cans on one sprue and another sprue with 18 fuel cans, 9 German, 9 Us style.


If you're like me and enjoy putting bling onto your vehicles this little box makes a nice addition for any Imperium or orky vehicles, so just wanted to let you guys know these Tamiya kits do integrate pretty well for certain elements into 4ok kits.

Here is a sneak of the next post, finally got the camera back up and running, so here's another member of the command squad


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