Monday, December 20, 2010

+Incoming Vid Feed: The Badab War Q&A 1+

Hello InterTubez,

ForgeWorld just threw this video up on there website and I thought I'd put tit here for all the homies.

I think this is an awesome video and I really wish Games Workshop would follow FW's lead on this one and make more videos. GW, to there credit, has started doing the podcast design notes and whatnot but I would love to see a ton more of this type of media in relation to the hobby.




  1. Look forward to future parts too. Hey, that's my question 5:00 in. Sounds like some interesting options - an Age of Apostasy series of books would rock.

  2. Age of Apostasy stuff would be outta control, he also dropped a little hint at some mechanicum nuggets there as well, so we'll see what kind of madness Forgeworld rolls out in the future.


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