Thursday, September 2, 2010

+WIP it! Color test for Traitor Guard+

Hello All Y'all (all Y'all is the plural form of Y'all, icyww),

Back again with another intallment of the Buddy Times, a place were grown men get out their little buddys and play with them, and paint them, and show them to each other. It's really about sharing.

So this week I wanted to share my WIP of a test model I'm working on, I think this is what I'm going to go with, as far as the Cloth and the base tone of the flesh. I think the cloth may need another highlight but I think maybe that can be corrected more easily during the initial painting then trying to back-peddle, so I'll likely let this little buddy ride and and try to allow more of the gray base-coat to show through on the next one.

I turned the Brightness up on this one to try and show some of the colors in the cloth, I would really appreciate any input on this one guys because I like it, but I am not 1oo% on it, and its a freakin' guard army so I don't want to paint 50 little guys then decide I don't like it, Ya' know?

Here's just a back shot, its hard to make out but there is a pretty nice ggray to black gradient on his vox pack thingy

Anyway let me know what you guys think please, and I'll post any further developments as they are happing.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God


  1. What rules are you going to use, regular IG or one of the Imperial Armour lists?

  2. I'm using the IG book but am trying to really give it some full flavor by using as crazy characterful models as I can, but that are still WYSIWYG to the IG book.

  3. Hi there!
    I like the base tone for the skin as it makes him look pallid and sickly although in my opinion a brown/reddish wash would be needed so he doesn't look complitely like a corpse.
    As for the fatigues I couldn't really tell they were painted. I checked on a couple of screens and it still looks black to me, sorry.

  4. cool, thats great input, I will try to get some better lit pics, but yes I agree the skin definitely needs a few more layers of color but I'm glad you think its a good start.

    Thanks for the input, its much appriciated


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