Sunday, December 26, 2010

+WIP IT: Is that a Guardian spear+

...or are you just happy to see me?

Hello Intertubez,

Buddy times is back again with a little sidetrack WIP IT I've been working on. It's a Custodes, and I know he's not wearing his big pointy helmet. That is because I have yet to buy some high elf models so this head is just ticky-tacked on for now and I have to decide if this dude is rding dirty or if he wears his helmet.

I had been comtemplating modelling up some Legio Custodes ever since I saw US White Dwarf 300 with the Dave Taylor Custodes army in it, but have never really felt competent enough. Well apparently that feeling of inadequacy dissolving coupled with the rumors surrounding the new Grey Knight Codex (perfect 'counts as' Custodes as far as I can tell). I felt that I should start some character modelling and throwing ideas around. I always start with a character when I build a new army because that way if I don't like the look, feel, process, etc I can abandon the project without a huge amount of investment.

Also I love HeroHammer. Don't get me wrong I want there to be carnage all over the board but especially I want lots of action around the big personalities on the table. I guess thats the comic book/movie geek in me I want my heros to be completely bad-ass, and when my leader ends up in combat with the other guys leader I wanna see sparks fly and feelings to get hurt (feeling getting hurt is just a joke phrase used by my game group). I find the game more interesting that way, because I appreciate the focus on the personality of the army often embodied in the HQ or at least a particular squad, etc.

WIP IT: Legio Custodes

Here's a top down-ish shot of the Guardian Spear. It turned out pretty well I feel but would appreciate input if you all have any.

Little close-up of his shoulder insignia, the single headed Aquila. I will also use the two-headed eagle throughout as most art I have seen often includes one or the other and many times both, but I wanted to make his shoulder icon have the single head. You can also see I haven't filled in the legs so they appear smooth. I think I will only do it on the lower leg and leave the upper leg with the exposed supports, not sure yet.

Here's a shot of his 'Eligos Pattern' back-pack but this one has the eagle heads from the Space Marine Commander box instead of skulls. I haven't attached this yet as I need to work out a cape situation, whether that is sculpting it or kit-bashing it.

And finally I have this bit and I am curious if I should use it, it fits nicely and all, but what, if anything, do I need to do to the actual shape of the shield so it doesn't look like an =][= symbol. I had thought that maybe it could be as simple as to cut of the three little horizontal bars on there, but could use some input on this one.

Cool, well thanks everyone and hope you had a good holiday. Leave any input in the comments and as always Smoke Blood for the Blood God!


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