Wednesday, December 22, 2010

+WIP IT: Chimera Interiors+

Hello Inter-tubez,

Happy holidays to everyone and I hope it's all working out well for everyone. Just wanted to show some actual hobby progress to everyone, I am still slowly chugging along on my Rebel Guard army, and now have eerything at least built into sub assemblies so that I can play an essentially WYSIWYG game. I will get a group shot tomorrow hopefully when I do some gaming with the homies, although I have been intending on doing that for the last three weeks of gaming, so we'll see.

What see up top and below are my Chimera interiors I made.

I did a little research back when I made the psyker mutie transport and it's interior and in the schematic drawings shown in the Imperial Armour books from the Forge World there is a wall between the troop compartment and the crew compartment. This made it easy when I had the idea that I would create full interiors for all the vehicles in this army. Since all I had to do was close off the front (just like a rhino) someone could open all the doors and have a look inside without seeing an empty box essentially.

These top two pics are for the Command Chimera. I wanted to give this one some extra bling and equipment, like the view screens I stole from a rhino and I put a filed down vox on the wall as well although I am not sure you can tell what it is it may just look like more doo-dads, which is really the point anyway.

And finally this one is the basic troop model. Very simple two benches and a spare las-gun. With the psyker muties transport looking like a charnel ground/prison and the command one with all the gadgets I though it only appropriate that the standard transport be totally bare-bones. (already primed this one black so I tweaked the F outta the curves so you can make out the inside)

Well Tell me what you guys think, should I add more or are they good to go? Have you ever wondered why GW didn't just make a piece to go there (just like a rhino)? Anyway happy holidays and I just took some pics of another side-track project I started and I will get those up soon.



  1. Love it, mate: simple and evidently effective!

  2. If you have some spare Lasguns, adding a "weapon rack" generally looks good.

  3. thanks for the feedback, there is room in the command one to add some type of small arsenal, but the grunt transport may have to stay empty-ish we'll see.


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