Tuesday, September 7, 2010

+Coming Down The Pipe+

Hello All,

Been Super busy lately but here's a quick glimpse of one of the things I've been working on.
A pair of Leman Russ Battle tanks, one new and one old skool styley. I think I'm going to leave the side plates off the old skool one, I feel it adds to the renegade feel. I do think I need to put something on the side, inside the tracks, but I'm not too sure what that should be. And that dude in the middle is one of the Guard Crewmen from GW, I will be giving him the dreadlock treatment to match the rest of my melta vet squad.

Any way I'll get some new pics taken of a couple things I've been picking away at, the Freaky Freaky ApC's interior is getting near done and I've gotten some more paint on the Fortress of Redemption as well so I'll get those posted in the next couple days.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God


  1. I really like what you've done with the old russ. You could cut the side armour in half lengthwise and cover the upper part of the side so that only the bottom wheels are showing. This will make it look more like a contemporary tank compared with the rest of the IG range that look like something from WWI.
    I like the crew mans base also but isn't it a bit big?

  2. Yeah I've been thinking about how to give the sides a bit more detail, and thought about that very same solution, but I haven't moved on it yet.

    As far the crew-men yeah he's based on a 4omm base, he's more like an objective or a stratagem for games of Citystrike Planepoclyspe


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