Friday, December 17, 2010

++Tron: Legacy++

Hello Interbloggispheres,

I hope everyone has been well the old Hashshashin's been in deep hiding taking care of family business, but I'm back and I want to try to ad create a post schedule thats less frequent then my bing, every single day posts and my famine no posts for a month cycle I find myself in.

Anyway not gonna talk about 40k today, I wanted to talk about Tron. I just saw the 12:01 3D IMAX last night and I gotta say it was pretty awesome. The 3-D wasn't particularly mind blowing by any means but the overall design and feel of the characters was superb and possibly the Tron-world is one of best and most cohesive design schemes I've seen ever, really.

As far as the plot is concerned I found it to be interesting and engaging although somewhat cheesy at points but never was it convoluted or forced it was as good, and even better, then can be expected for a Christmas-time thrill ride type flick. It had some Spiritual or philosophical tones that I appreciated as well as a straight forward plot.

The effects and action are top notch and really enjoyable to watch. The way the light ribbons trail off of the various vehicles not only looks amazing but it actually allows you to follow the action easily without confusion. I only mention this because I think other effects driven flicks sometimes are hard to tell what the hell is going on (transformers I looking at you!).

Overall I would say this film is a must see of the season and for this one the bigger the screen the better In my opinion, but don't sweat it if you can't catch in 3-D it didn't really have the awesome distance shots I was hoping for and nothing on par with some the crazy-ness seen in Avatar, but I liked Tron overall much more than Avatar. (I felt it somewhat necessary to compare these two)


  1. I did watch it too 2 days ago (hooray for Singapore being +8 GMT!!!). I would say that the plot wasn't much but overall it was a very pretty movie to look at. Even my wife (usually dislikes sci-fi flicks) was very impressed. I didn't watch it in 3D though because it makes me dizzy :P

  2. well you weren't missing alot of "3-D"

    And yeah I was thinking that my lady-friend would like it if for nothing else then the cool design style.

    And on a 3-d side note, about 20 minutes into the flick my eyes started watering and by the end of it they were so dry I felt like someone had packed my eyes with sand, but thats just me I don't think its necessarily a common experience of 3-D(same thing happened with Avatar and Coraline).

  3. I feel great uncomfort when watching 3-D movies too so I always try to avoid them. I forgot to mention the epic 80's style pop synth sountrack which was also pretty awesome!


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