Saturday, September 25, 2010

+WIP IT! Bombard!

Hello ubestays,

Hope all is well, just wanted to drop some WIP IT! pics of my top secret weapon, the Bombard from Forge World. I gotta say this thing is even cooler then I thought it would be. Although it has been a pain at some points with some pieces being warped and whatnot. but I didn't really expect anything easier so I am overall totally happy with this model.

In the top pic the cannon is literally just rested on top, here's a shot of the interior and below is a shot kinda from the top so you can get the idea of the model.

Also went ahead and bought the Bombard ammo box and shells. The model itself comes with one shell so now I have four and the cool little box. I will be basing this on a 40m and making it into another object token in the same vein as the gas and ammo dumps.

And finally I also have one other little wip here, its the planetary Governor model I've made as an objective in our upcoming campaign (which hopefully will start sooner then later). The model is just one of the IG advisor models based on a 40m to make it objective-token-like. Since in the fluff the Governor gets assassinated I thought it would be cool to put one of those Skull and bones signs from the mines, and booby trap set behind as some foreshadowing.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God


  1. Nice stuff! Will you be using it with IA rules or GW?

  2. In regular games I will feild it as a Colossus (something like str6 ap3, ignores cover) but in the rare apoc game I will throw it down as the Bombard, not actually sure what the rules are for it though.

  3. I really like the way you used the advisor model on your objective marker, it looks great. Nicely done with the foreshadowing, as well.

  4. Thanks for the input, I'm starting to get really excited about this campaign, and rolling out the new army.

    I just tracked down the rules for the Bombard and it's a str 8 ap 3 7in template. So that's cool for apoc games.


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