Saturday, May 28, 2011

+ WIP It! Techmarine with Conversion Beamer +

Hello Everybody,

Thought I would do some more show and tell for everyone. Here is my Techmarine with conversion beamer. I will likely not be including this guy into my Custodes list but I have had the idea and bits laying around for awhile and while I was waiting to get the last boxes I need (final GK box as well as GK termies) I threw this guy together. The initial motivation was the face and the beamer. A hooded face with robot eye plus re-breather just screamed Mechanicus to me.

So here he is:

Why the conversion beamer, you may ask... Well it's pre-heresy and it can shoot across the board, something very little in the GK dex can. So in friendly games I may very well be throwing this guy in the mix, but I think he'll end up riding the pine in more competitive environments.

His Beamer is actually a super old-skool space marine scout heavy bolter with some bits removed and some other bits added. I think it looks suitably beamer-ish, even with the clip sticking out of the front.

I will likely add a third servo-type-arm that has a bladed end to count as his power weapon, but I wanted to leave his armour a little plain to distiguish him from the rest of the blinged out Custodes, and really this is a model that you could throw into any army that has a techmarine with beamer option. I had even thought about using this dood as a counts as =][= for a Mechanicum themed =][= warband or even whole army in the future...

And finally a little booty shot for all the fellas out there.

What does everyone think? Do Techmarines really blow? Are conversion beamers even remotely effective? Comments and critics always welcome.

Thanks for having some Buddy Times.


  1. I've always like beamers. The GK codex has the opportunity to use more of them than any other codex right now afaik. When the next 'new super codex' comes out and all the codex jumpers leave GK, I might try out a maxed Inquisitor/Tech Marine beamer list, just to be obnoxious.

  2. One of the best conversion beamer conversions I've seen!

  3. Hey thanks for the compliments guys.

    I am gonna try to get a game in this long weekend so I will let everyone know how it goes.

    @Counterfett: an all conversion. Beamer would be awesome, you could have five and if you had them all posted in bolstered ruins on both corners of the board you could habe a decent cross-fire to maximize their range for each beamer. It also would be dern hilarious as well.


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