Tuesday, May 24, 2011

+ Custodes in Plastic: WIP It! Jetbikers!

Hello Tubes,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I just wanted to drop a quick update on the Custodes. Here is the 'counts as' Interceptors squad. I feel like a 12in move and the ability to 'Shunt' once a game seemed to fit the rules for a jetbike, and since one of the three major aspects of the Custodes are the Jet-bikers. So this is my rendition of those. Some people like to make the Jet-bikes really big and bulky, which is cool, but I just wanted to make them based off of marine bikes (especially because I had half of a Ravenwing box laying around and I didn't plan on adding any more bikes to my mixed wing).

This is the team captain, that mace is likely to be a counts as hammer, but doesn't have to be. He was made using:
  • a Chaos Warriors' head with added wingy bits
  • Ravenwing biker legs
  • and the torsoes from the high elfs box that the pointy heads came from
The bikes are:
  • Space Marine bikes
  • Ravenwing Land Speeder missile launcher thingys for the front and back 'jets'
  • Chaos vehicle face-thingy as the intake for the 'jets'
  • a standard bike front plate coupled with a Ravenwing front plate
In the art the Jet-bikers are armed with javelin spear deals but since I want to be essentially WYSIWYG and don't want to spend all the points on Halberds for everyone I am just giving them swords, except the captain who could have a 'hammer' if points allow.

Speaking of WYSIWYG seeing as how a bike base and a 25 mm are nowhere near the same size I decided to incorporate a 25mm base into my bike bases so there can be no calls of shenanigans, or that I am modeling for advantage. Clearly these models are way bigger then they are supposed to be but I feel like the base is the critical part so I really wanted to represent both the base size I think looks good on the model but also include the proper size base for gaming.

I also wanted to throw in one of my 'counts as' Psy-Cannons to give the squad some teeth.

Once again comments are always welcome and in case you missed my Squad Deux post because it kinda got bumped by my Macho man news flash have look and let me know what you guys think.

I also finished a test model (just a Tac Marine) I will try to get posted as a reference for how to do the gold painting and I think it turned out pretty good. If I don't get him posted it won't be long before I post the squad I am working on. So I hope alls is well out there in the big old real world and thanks for having some Buddy Times with me.


  1. I've seen a few custom jetbikes and they all seem to have the same kind of idea to them, I really like what you've done with these, great job!

  2. My own attempt at jet-bikes can be found at the bottom of the following post,

  3. That very cool mate, I love the conversion. However, don't you think there might be a gaming issue with using different sized based to the normal models?

  4. Yeah I had the same thought and so I included 25mm bases into the larger bike bases. If you look at any of the side shots you can see them pretty xlearly. I guess people could still not like that but I feel like it covers the correct size base problem.

    Thanks for all the input from everyone. I am going to get some WIP painting shots up soon, but I have another post before I get to that point.


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