Saturday, May 14, 2011

+Smoke Blood for the Blood God: Khorne Lord Zhufor

Hello Tubez and welcome to the buddy times.

After this whole Blogger thing happened it kinda threw a wrench into my program but no sweat My long over due hobby show and tell continues with the Forge World piece Khorne Lord Zhufor

I've had this guy around for awhile but I did some finishing touches to him and He is all wrapped up in my opinion. I mainly run him as a 'counts as' Abbaddon in my World Eater themed list, but really that is just an excuse to use this sweet model in game.

Not much to say, with al the awesome Forge World detail on this guy he was super fun to paint

On the cape I wanted to go for a really weathered and dirty thing, I don't think a blood crazed psychotic who considers human remains jewelry to be overly obsessed with cleanliness. I acheived this color by stippling a bunch of different shades mixed between Bone and burnt seinna tan color (bubonic brown?), I am away from my paints at the moment but both are the GW versions and I watered them down very alot and just did layer after layer of stippling. I think the effect comes across very nicely and am looking forward to trying a toned down version in red on my Custodes that I will be posting some WIP pics of in the next day or two.

Anyway thanks for stopping by for some buddy times and we'll see you on the flip side.

Ps, this dudem is going to end up on E-Bay as well, I am trying to do some spring cleaning but want to document all my models before I send them off to the netherworld to do battle without me.


  1. Top notch on the cape. Would love to get a tutorial on how you pulled it off.

  2. Hey thanks for the props, I will see if I can get something together for a tutorial, but honestly it will probably be awhile.

    I am going to be attempting a similiar effect but to a much lesser degree with my custodes that I am working on. The post I am about to make will show some of the work on the forst squad, so stay tuned


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