Saturday, May 21, 2011

+ Custodes in Plastic: Squad Deux +

Hello Intertubez,

Just a little show and tell to show the progress on squad deux. These guys are the push up close incinerator squad who will be the tip of the spearhead (the most sensitive part) and will ride in a Rhino so they can open up dual incinerators out of the hatch if need be.

Since the incinerators are free for purifiers this squad is the cheapy of the troops choices so I threw in the hammer and falchions, not only to make some other weapons model-wise besides guardian spears but to give this squad the extra close-combat flippy-ness and punch I want them to have.

Again with the heavy/special weapons I wanted to go with the elongated design seen in the terminator Custodes art. Although I like the incinerator 'head' so much I didn't want to put a dragon head on there even though I probably should have but I think it works. There is also another incinerator dude who is kneeling but I sole him from my dark angels army and he wasn't photographing too well so he'll show up when I post all the group shots in the near future.

Here is the falchion buddy, if he looks familiar it's because it's part of the lack Reach Captain. I decided to only give him one little sword and one regular sized one because I think it looks pretty cool and to just mix it up a bit.

anyways comments and feedback are always welcome and I will post a revised list up again soon taking into account what models I have, want to buy and the input from last post about my v.1.0 list. Thanks for taking some Buddy Times.

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