Wednesday, May 18, 2011

+ WIP It! The goldknight onslaught continues: Who needs Castellan Crowe?

So the show and tell continues today with my 'counts as' Castellan Crowe. As I have said before I want my Custodes to be Marines++ and Purifiers seems like the way t give them that extra edge over standard Marines, and once I give them all Halberds and whatever they end up being as cost effective as strike squads, I think. I know Crowe is a terrible HQ but I feel like if accomandeers a a vehicle and either hides in my back field as the ultimate F-U counter assault with his sacrifice power or as a suicidal uber model killer I think I can make him work.

Anyway onto the model:

He is rocking the arm mounted Storm Bolter and people may hate on this but I feel like the Grey Knights had have taken that design from somewhere and with Horus' claw, and some other examples, the concept of wrist mounted bolters was not unheard of in the Heresy era, and I think it look pretty sweet.

He is made of:
There are also some random eagle and wing bits from wherever they're from as well

Anyway comments and criticisms welcome, thanks again for stopping by for some Buddy Times, buddies.


  1. Very nice again. I'd like the sword to look a bit more chaos-y to reflect that he is Crowe but that would mess up with the custodians fluff I suppose. Mr. Νικηφόρος from the Bringer of Victory blog plays with a crowe list and it seems that he is reserving him in his objective bases games. Any unit that cheekily approaches his table edge is going to be charged by him and that can be quite useful.

  2. Yeah I was trying to brainstorm different sword ideas and switching out the bllade would be realitively easy I just have not yet come up with a solution that looks the part Custodes wise but also represents the Crowe type fluff. I had thought about just kinda niching this one up to see if that would do it justice or swapping it out with one of the chaos warriors sword blades.


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