Tuesday, May 17, 2011

+ WIP It! MK I Rhino Conversion, and GW in Resin +

Hello Everybody once again,

Just wanted to let you guys see the rhno that will go with the first squad of Custodes I have been working on. I tried to make it have some old-skool flavor by making a new front plate, and I may try to figure a way to make the round side doors as well but I have not yet figured a way to cut perfect circles out of pasti-card, although I tried to miserable result.

This is the “sword squad” as you can see the sword icons all over it, and I am working on a “hammer squad” rhino as well. Really these are just ways to give the squads markings so I know who's supposed to be were which can be difficult for an army were each squad will essentially all be very similar to one another.

I also tried to make the hatches look pre-heresy by flipping the tops upside down and adding in some IG handles to it.

That also brings me to my next point which is that I would actually like to run these as Razorbacks occasionally but Razors are not pre-heresy, So question for the blogisverse: could it be an exceptable excuse that even though Marnie chapters did not use razors could the Custodes with their access to cool tech have been fielding proto-pre-heresy-razorback-type-rhinos? Or am I trying to create a fluff theme but with a competitve edge, and that is really the problem?

Also: news flash for those who have not yet looked at any forum or various other blogs GW finally decided to tell everyone what is up with the metal famine that's been going on and the solution is resin!

Part of me dreads the price hike that will be accompanied by the Finecast range but the potential for GW to release Forge World level detail in the future definitely has me a bit excited.... So my opinion is mixed a little bit miffed at ANOTHER price hike on what were already expensive metal models but I am stoked at the potential for quality increase n the future and resin is way nicer to work with them metal IMHO, but only time will tell the full repercussions of this move.

...and as a final pimpin' for the community of bloggers I wanted to mention that the guys over at Wolfs for the WolfGod are having a give-away for their one-hundredth post. So go check them out and congrats guys for reaching the 100 mark.


  1. Have you looked at Chapterhouse Studios, they have an awesome conversion kit to make a MK I Rhino

  2. Thank you for the mention. Although, it would have been truly nice if there were other bloggers contributing to Wolves for the Wolf God besides me. It's just me. By myself. ;P Hoorah!
    ~Skarvald the Troll-faced

    P.S: Nice blog you got there..


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