Thursday, May 12, 2011

See me... Vampire Lord Vlad Von Carstein

Hello the united nations of the interwebs,

Just wanted to share a little fantasy action for all y'all it's Vampire Count Vlad. I actually shared some dark and crappy pics of this model awhile ago but I just wanted to test my new photo set-up and it is working well it seems.

So onto the model.
I painted him up in a semi-metallic red armour, and a kind of greenish skin hue which I think looks unique but goes well with the rest of the model. I did the blood on the sword using some Tamiya Clear Red paint which when mixed with a drip of black ink makes some of the most realistic blood I has ever been able to create or have even seen actually. (got to give credit to Lonewolf on the Throne of Skulls Forum)

I gave him some crazy red pupils which are almost not visible to the naked eye but really pop in this picture.

and to round out he show and tell a little shot of the junk in the trunk... in this case a big furry cape with ghost faces emerging fro the folds.

Anyway not alot of chit chat today just wanted to drop some pics of this model that actually show off some of the detail. Also this guy is also going up to the chopping block at Ebay so if you want a sweet HQ for your Vampire counts army or Mordheim gang or whatever let me hook you up!

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