Sunday, May 15, 2011

+WIP it! Custodes Librarian with Servo Skulls+

So the Custodes continues on their way. Today I am showing the Librian I made as an HQ for my 'Gold Knights' army; aka Custodes count as Grey Knights. There to my knowledge is not a piece of art depicting a Librarian so I again improvised and tried to echo other themes in the army or artwork.

One of the main features of the Custodes Terminators is the old-skool styled shoulder pads, and those were made using some of the extra leg guards from the Dark Angels upgrade sprue. Another smaller detail is the kinda Roman style strips that hang down from the shoulder pads which I made using the bit that comes in the Space Marine Captain set, but if I end up making the five more termies I want in the army I need to figure out a way of fabricating them out of plasti-card strips or something.

Obviously the cape was a no-brainer to give him some gusto and have him fit the rest of the force. I blinged him up with a bunch of eagle wings and what-nots, but really this is probably going to be the least converted model in the army since their is nothing really changing the core model besides adding stuff to him.

So there he is if anyone has feedback I am happy to hear it.

Now onto the Servo-skulls, one of the secret reasons I want to use this model, and I may even be throwing in a Tech-Marine to take more as well.

Here's the first three, I wanted to make cool little mini-dioramas and have the skulls kinda sneaking around or whatever they do... Float I guess

Here's two more that I have, the one on the left is the devastator one with Dark Angel wings on his head, it works well so I don't have any doubles. I have one final skull to complete but he requires painting before assembly so I'll show him when I get some paint on him.

Always thanks for stopping by the Buddy Times and see you next time.

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  1. Cool staff mate. Love the huge shoulderpads. My only critisism would be that the brazzer near his crotch (who in their right mind would want to have a flaming brazzer near his crotch anyway?) seems to be connected to nothing. Otherwise, top notch!


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