Saturday, May 14, 2011

+Forgeworld Dreadnought, Take 2+

well after discovering that Blogger ate two of my posts I am just reposting these pics of my Forgeworld Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon and Bladed Combat Arm
I had mentioned in the other post how the gun arm is magnetized so it can easily be switched around with other options if one should choose.

I had a pretty interesting post about this model I promise but with the Blogger fiasco I will just throw up the pics and maybe talk abut it more later.

thanks for looking


  1. Hokay, I guess Blogger failure ate up my comment as well. I was saying, I liked the model a lot, especially the battle damage, but I am not sure about the base. Seems to be too dark so you can't figure out any of the details.

  2. Thanks for the comment the base isn't that special compared to all my bases but I just mentioned it in the first post because it has a crushed up door from one of the cities of death buildings and a couple other things.

    Thanks for the compliments on the weathering it isn't much different then your Sang Guard wings you just posted, good old sponge and some patience.

  3. Simple yet effective :)

    I've been trying to get chips with combining brush, sponge bits and make up applicator thingy. I think it gives a more varied and "interesting" effect than just one of them would give but I want to experiment some more.

  4. I usually sponge first then use the brush to clean up or add small scratches then I brush a second color, or metal color, into the sponge marks so I can control the randomness a little. I use tweezers to control the sponge initially.

  5. That's a cool idea with the tweezers. I will have to steal it :P


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