Saturday, May 14, 2011

+WIP It! Custodes in Plastic+

Hello Intertibes,

So here is the main project I have been working on for the past little while. It's the custodes if you didn't notice, and with the new Grey Knights book I finally feel like there is a rules set that could do them justice. I am planning on running a Crowe list so that all these guys can be purifiers. After doing the math to give basically every dudem a halberd it just does not seem cost effective to not just take Crowe and get all those juicy, cheap upgrades as part of your troops choice.

I know many of you will say trike Squads are better, and that may be true, but if you have been reading this blog at all in the past you may have noticed I am a pretty big fluff bunny so I don't care that I may not be working with an optimized list. I want each Custodes to be awesome and the I6 halberd, A2 base seems to give them the extra boost over rank and file marines the fluff dictates they should have IMHO.

A couple modeling things:

  1. Although the Guardian Spears are modeled with only a Bolter I feel they could 'count as' a storm bolter
  2. yes I gave them back-packs. I know most of the art does not have them in back-packs but some of the art does have them sporting back-packs and honestly the back-pack is such a 'marine' thing that I felt weird not having them there, the back-packs that is (wow can I write back-pack any more in one bullet point?)
  3. I also had to come up with a method of including heavy weapons and look as I may none of the art show standard Custodes with a heavy weapon that I could find. The terminators are depicted with those crazy long flamer thingys and I thought I would copy the long barrel theme and put that into my heavies to stay within the feel of the artwork.
  4. Lastly I also included a hammer guy in the squad, in the fluff it often says that although the Guardian Spear is 'standard' for the Custodes they also have access to all manner of restricted wargear so I figured throwing a few hammers into the mix wouldn't hurt anything, and from a game perspective I think they are going to be clutch.

Right now I am just gonna throw up some pics I will do a more in depth break-down of all the bits used in a near-future post, but anyway enough blabbing and here's some show and tell:

Hammer Cap'n slowly, calmly, walking up to some traitor to give 'em the old hammer-to-face treatment

Family shot of the first five, I think I will add at least a sixth man to each squad (probably a second Heavy)

Speaking of heavies this is the model that I feel will get the most weird looks but as I have said I needed to figure a way to model these guys into the army and I really dig the long neck with gryphon head guy he is sporting, it will function as a Psi-cannon (which is basically an assault cannon)

Anyway if you have read this far thank you and feedback is most welcome. I have more were this came from and will keep putting more pics as I take them. Thanks for having some Buddy Times over here.


  1. Yay, these guys certainly look the part. Awesome conversions dude!

  2. That Heavy weapon is awesome... nice work!

  3. Thanks guys I will try to get some pics up of squad two along with a bitz breakdown.

    Now I just need some actical advice on what the overall list should look like

  4. Damn, the guy with the Psicannon looks beastly. I really, really like him, especially the ammo-feeder thing with the skull. ;)


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