Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All Your Miniature are Belong to Us


k Buddys everywhere, 

     I know I been out of the lop for awhile but here I am, back again. Progress on the Custodes has been slow, although somewhat steady... But that my friends is not what I am here to share with you today, oh no what I am here to share today is:

      Alright, I am sure many people have heard about this game and have been curious or wondering what the deal is, and I have to say after playing it a few times at the 8-bit and 16-bit modes it is pretty frigging fun. Now I don't think this is (obviously) a super serious game although there is a certain level of strategy and tactics at play. BUT: If rolling dice (shiney colored dice :D ) and pushing models around does not sound like fun, then this game is not fun for you. But if you do like pushing models around and rolling dice then you may like this. What is this Super Dungeon Explore you ask?

     Imagine the love child of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Heroquest while the four characters from Gauntlet cheered on... Wow did I just reveal some weird Freudian thing?!?

      Moving on, The game is interesting because the play and reset time is not very long at the smaller levels making it something you can bust out and get through a couple games pretty quick even with the gamer uninitiated. The game-play is simple enough but has options and intricacies. The rules are delivered via cards that correspond to the heroes/villains they represent functioning as a character sheet and cheat sheet for special rules. Personally I am not a huge card person but these cards have a good mix of actual game mechanic and pretty picture to look at. The game aspect is that they function as a place to put the various counters that are required for play and give you the stats in easy to read colored icons... Roll this many dice of this color... Easy, straight forward.

      The overall visual design is appealing to everyone I know who has seen it so far from my 3 year daughter (who loves angry bear) to my old-school gamer buddies...  well I guess that is actually a pretty small spectrum from some perspective. Needless to say if you want a change from the Grim Dark Blood & Skulls then this a game were the body-count is ridiculously high but the reality level is proportionally low making it a candy colored slaughter fest.

Unfortunately I do not have any pics of my set right now but I will get some and post them soon, as well as a overview of the contents. So look for more SDE action to come becuse this is something I will be working on, on and off for awhile.

Till next time Buddys have a good one, and man that was long...


  1. Hey, welcome back buddy! I will give the game a look, it really seems fun.

  2. hey thanks, I've been lurking and keeping eye on what you been up to and liking the ogres, only fantasy army I have really contemplated starting.

    and yeah if you are feeling the Super Dungeon I would say give it a go because so far I have really been enjoying it... and the models are such a departure from what I am used to I am excited to start working on them.

  3. Cheers, glad you are keeping an eye on my blog.

    So is this game out now?

    Well, I grew up playing Hero Quest as a board game and also Final Fantasy video games on my Game Boy so this looks like an idel combination of the two! Is the game out yet then?

  4. Yeah, I have it will get some pics up soon... Actually just finished a game a bit ago, great fun, especially if you like HeroQuest.

    Yeah stay tuned Ill get some pics up here in the next day or so.


  5. Ah, so many games, so little times. I actually want to start playing Blood Bowl again! By the way, how easy do you think Super Dungeon Explore is for a non-gamer and could younger people play it as well?

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