Saturday, July 16, 2011

+ WIP IT! Chicken Dread in Yo Face +

Hello Intertubes,

Hope all is well out there in the warp and welcome back to another edition of Buddy Times. Today I wanted to dropsome hobby WIP's on that backside. I call it the chicken pattern Dreadnought and he is for my Custodes army that I am making some good progress on. So have a look and sorry that he has been primed black, I though I had already taken ics of him but I hadn't.
I wanted to give him height to match some of the old pre-heresy art, and I happened to have a sentinel and an Assualt on Black Reach dread laying around so viola! Chicken Dread in da house.

Here's a shot so you can see how the legs fit and add so much hieght.

I put the power plant from the sentinel on him to mix it up a bit.

And finally a comparison shot so you can see how tall he is com[pared to one of my Custodes and a basic marine.

Well what does everyone tink? Is it going in a good direction? I will showcase the arms in another post, I just completed a new autocannon conversion for the right arm that I am pretty into so I wil try and get some pics of that up soon as well. Anyways thanks for stopping by and I hope a little Buddy Times made your day 1% better overall. Cheers


  1. I like the idea, I have been thinking about a dreadnought conversion for some time but this is new. I am curious about your idea for arms.

  2. Very cool. Much more dynamic than the regular Dread legs.

  3. Yeah must agree with Hudson, never been a fan of the short stumpy Dread legs, they just don't seem that mobile. Second Dread/Sentinel conversion I have seen this week. Fantastic Work!


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