Friday, July 1, 2011

+ Just When You Thought You Owned Enuff Dreadnoughts...

... ForgeWorld goes and blows your mind through your backside, and all you can do is bend over and hand them your wallet...

Seriously, I will have to buy this now. It may be awhile because Hashshashin's on broke status but rest assured within the next six months she will be mine, oh yes, she will be. check out more pics and stuff at ForgeWorld's web-location

anyways cheers, and I will have some painting WIPs of my Guardian units up soon.


  1. Not sure I like the Gundam style legs to be honest. It doesn't look very 40k-ish to me.

  2. The reason I like it is becuase it almost identically mirrors some of the pre-heresy art for the Custodes Dread. I will post some pics of what I came up with to somewhat echo the look of the art but this does that ForgeWorld style.


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