Thursday, December 1, 2011

SUPER! Dungeon Explore - Review, Part: the 1st

massed forces of the Consul

      Hello Interwebs, It's Buddy Times Review Times!

This is SUPER! Dungeon explore the review. So let's start with the miniatures and components then move into the game itself. Sorry the pics are sub par, I took them after our SUPER! game the other night haven't had a lot of time down in the dungeon lately for photo opportunities, but you get the idea...


The models are of a rubbery-ish-resin-y plastic that I have never worked with before, but was very easy to work with. I have never assembled any of the Warmachine stuff but these may be similar products, this is purely speculation based on what I have heard or read.

Berserker and Dwarfish Fighter 
The fact that these models come in bags of bits was an interesting change of pace then just having sprue piled high. A word to the wise the bags are sorted into groups of models, all of which are multi-piece with emphasis on multi. Each one of these little guys are from three - seven pieces each, some of which are tiny and there are like 50 some models. It took two medium hobby sessions to get all of them scraped, based and glued (used Gorilla Super glue, my current super glue of choice) Overall a nice little miniature adventure, and could probably be sped up or slowed down based on what you were feeling, I really wanted to get these things into the dungeon though so I did my fastest yet thorough job possible: about four hours.

Paladin vs. Dragon

The good guys and treasure chest are in grey plastic and the evil minions of cutesy doom are cast in red. There are nine heroes but the druid has his Angry Bear form so there are ten hero models and five chests. The heroes are pretty intricate and fairly dynamic for how detailed yet simple they are. As far as the size comparison goes these heroes are slightly shorter then a space marine {clearly the universal size for a model ;) } but not by much, and the bear is quite large. as you can see below.

the universal size compare

Overall I really like the models, in quality and execution of the 'chibi' style, whether you like it not it is very cohesive and crisp throughout the entire range of models. The style itself has completely grown on me and I am totally looking forward to painting these little guys. Hopefully I can make some headway and post pics in the next two weeks.

Actually playing this lately motivated me to bust out the old PSone and get in some Final Fantasy Tactics before bed a couple times, and I actually think that is the best comparison to style I can come up with.

awesomeness in tiny body-huge head form

These are great models and basically a great value comparatively speaking. The whole box clocks in at around 90 bucks  and since you get about 50 models, and a couple of those are larger then standard so I feel like that alone is worth it not even considering all the other shizzle that comes in the box.

Ok Buddys it's the end of the pics so it's the end of the post...In the next episodes I will discuss the gameplay and execution of the other components that come with the game.

Well until then be well and enjoy your hobby time buddy

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