Sunday, December 4, 2011

++ Custodes in Plastic: Finecast Edition ++

Hello Buddys,

Just to make sure everyone knows that  have not been completely won over by the cuteness that is Soda Pop's Super Dungeon Explore I wanted to drop some Grim-Dark-Future-Only-War on that @$$!

Here is the newest addition, and crown jewel in many ways, to my Custodes army. He is my new stand in for Crowe and I think is a much better hero then the other more standard 'swordsman' guy I had before.

As many keen-eyed hobbyists out thee noticed this the =][= Coteaz model in Finecast with his head and all other =][= symbols shaved off and properly Custoded out. Since his fur was so emphasized and often Custodes are depicted without backpacks I decided that he would not have a backpack, and since he is the leader of the Custodes army he can do whatever he likes...

Some features of note are the lion claws I added to his cape and I intentionally selected Lion themed bits from the high el sprue for him, including a little lion head on his helmet. So this guy is like the lion of the Eagles.. or something... It works visually and there is no confusion he is a custodes... right?

Seriously though, another feature I am very happy with is his Guardian Spear. It is made using the Warding Stave handle so there is fancy crosshatched grip on the haft and the bolter itself is from the Space Marine Commander kit so has some extra blingy texture on it. Overall it gives him that extra bump in detail that I feel leaders should have, especially if you are leading the most elite force in the 31st millennia

and the base is made from the limited run mines, bombs and booby traps kit GW splashed a couple years back, along with some other debris. The thing I love about it though is the fact that the rubble completely eclipses the little 25m base under there.

And of course It would be a size comparison if there wasn't a space marine in there... so there ya go he even came out pretty imposing  in the scheme of things.

Overall I had a good time making this guy and he really signifies the end of the construction phase for the Custodes army outside some of the vehicle stuff I want to get to eventually. I will try to get some group shots for everyone and then I just need to keep painting the frigging things  O.o

Although lately the guard army ha been calling me back, I think all this Grey Knights hate is harsh-ing my mellow, so I might have to go back to the renegades and get those guys painted up before I finish off the Custodes...When did guard become not hated and Grey Knights hated?!?
Anyway, we'll see, but the Guard does deserve to come back into the limelight after their long hiatus in their foam "robot bed" as my daughter calls their battle foam case.

Until next time keep it geeky and have a good one


  1. That's looking pretty good! I have to say, that's also one of the first conversions I've seen using a finecast body. Can't wait to see this model painted.

  2. Thanks guys!

    @damnyhevalley might be a bit, not sure but am probably going switch gears into painting up my Super Dungeon MInis the switch to my Traitor guard...

    @ Ian: Buddy! Awesome to get some comments form you, next time I come up we'll have to get a game in... Be there around the 15-17 or something... Also we gotta play Super Dungeon Explore its awesomeness in board game (-ish) form!


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