Wednesday, June 22, 2011

+ WIP IT! Legio Custdes Terminator: Take 1 +

Hello Intertubez,

Alright so now internet back online (It was down for a couple of days and I realized I am totally addicted to the intertubez) and borrowed a friends camera to get some shots of a odel I just finished a couple nights ago. He's the test run for my Custodes Terminators and I think it turned out pretty good.

So I have yet to see a picture of a terminator with a guardian spear but since the Grey Knight book doesn't allow Terminators to rock power fists I though it would fit the theme of the army to give him a Guardian spear but I put a stormbolter at the tip instead of just the regular bolter on the Power Armoured guys.

The main themes I chose to emphasize are the shoulder pads, the Roman styled armour strips that hang from the shoulder pads and off the waist, the pointed collar and the head/helmet style.

Overall I think it works pretty well and I have to say that the new plastic Grey Knight Termies are a nice kit with tons of extra bits. If you like terminators or hand to hand combat arms fr terminators or are starrting a true scale army this box rox.

aAnyways hope to get some more regular posts up now that I have got all my ducks in a rowe as far as camera usage and internets functionality.

Again thanks for having some Buddy Times and C&C is always welcome.

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  1. That looks pretty sweet. When might we see some paint on it?


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