Tuesday, March 30, 2010

++Flame On!++

Yo everybody,

More model show and tell today, still in a building mindset, but am going to switch into painting mode once I get the rest of the second squad assembled.

But for today I wanted share a couple more members of my first command squad:

the flamers!



Heavy Flamer
(sorry he's painted black)



I used the flames from the torches in the flaggelants box set, I'm gonna be using these flames on all my flamer type units including my converted Hell-hounds as well.

The heads are also from the Flaggelants set as well, the one is rocking the little respirator from the Command Squad set, I just think the freakish bald heads with the respirators just looks rugged and it hides the fact that I'm really only using the same 5-6 heads for many of the models in the army.

Here's a couple of oldschool Necromunda models I've had laying around since they came out, ignore the paint that's from when I was like 15 back in the nineties and they will be getting repainted to match the dark theme I'm going for in this army, not the Gawd-Awful bright color schemes from back then....


These are going to be the Body Guards of my leader, There child soldiers "recruited" from a local city orphanage before the Hashshashian 113th began their march of conquest across the sector.

Finally another Necromunda model with a head-swap who will be the Chaos Priest that accompanies the unit. I want this unit to have a kinda of Inquisitor type feel. Ya'know there's like a dude with a bunch of different freakish characters all cruising together ready to jump out and open a can on somebody.


Well I hoped everyone enjoyed having some Buddy Time and hope to see you back next Buddy Time.



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  2. Your flamer troopers look awesome - great choice on the gasmask head.


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